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Enjoy the flavors of a tall glass of peach iced tea that you might have on a hot summer day with Peach Iced Tea by Snap E-Liquid. This is a liquid that comes in 30ml or 60ml bottles. When you look at the bottle, you'll see a rather clear liquid. This shouldn't be something that deters you as you can immediately smell the fresh peaches as soon as you open the bottle. There is a design on the front of the bottle that looks like tea from a Snapple bottle. 


Product Description

The aroma from the liquid is reminiscent of being in an orchard with peach trees all around. While this is a peach iced tea, the fruit notes stand out. There are hints of the tea once the liquid is heated. Instead of one tea in the liquid that you can taste, there are notes of green and black tea. These combine to offer a delectable flavor that you would enjoy if you had brewed a pot of tea at home. It's a flavor that has a few unique profiles in that you get the icy notes as well. There is somewhat of a cooling sensation when Peach Iced Tea by Snap E-Liquid is vaped, leaving a tingle on the tongue. 

This is a blend of only the best ingredients possible to give you a taste that is invigorating with every vape. It's one of the refreshing flavors when it comes to a vaping liquid. If you pay attention to the notes while they are vaped, you will notice that there are a few citrus notes included. Lemon is one of the underlying tones, similar to what you might have in a glass of tea that you would prepare at home. Imagine a tall glass of tea with a ring of lemon sitting on the side and a small bit of peach added into the tea. This is what you will get when you vape the liquid. 

One of the things to keep in mind about Peach Iced Tea by Snap E-Liquid is that it's not as sweet as some of the dessert flavors or the breakfast flavors. It's a combination of a fresh fruit that could be seen at a farmer's market in a basket with sweet iced tea. The tart flavors that are sometimes seen with peaches balance out the sweetness of the tea, which gives a delicious experience that isn't full of sugar.

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