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Is there anything as delicious as the sweet, juicy taste of a fresh pear, freshly plucked from a tree? Now Pear by NKTR E-Liquid captures the juicy deliciousness of a fresh pear in an E-Juice that is as juicy and succulent as the real fruit itself.


Product Description

This incredibly tasty vape experience has an utterly delicate inhale that is clean and fresh, and the exhale has a finish that is tender, juicy and completely mouthwateringly delicious. Yum! It's enough to make you want to plant your very own pear tree in the backyard, just to grow more of this sensational E-Juice taste.

Some vape juices call on the taste of a favorite candy or dessert, and some use the taste of a favorite snack or even a sandwich. But the incredible taste of a tantalizingly juicy fresh fruit is one that really must be savored and enjoyed for all of the flavor it contains. 

The crisp first bite of a pear is a taste experience that is truly beyond compare, and that taste has great complexity as it hits the tongue and resonates with a wealth of juice and crunchy texture. It's a great flavor for a vape Juice, which is why this NKTR E-Liquid is racking up the sales from vape enthusiasts who really appreciate a great taste that is beyond compare.

How did this nectar-like E-Liquid get such a great taste, one that so closely approximates the amazing taste of a real fresh pear, right off the tree? This flavor came about through an extensive period of research into the right ingredients, and then mixing, blending, tasting, testing again, blending and tasting until the just right combination of flavors was achieved. The result is a lip-smackingly tasty E-Liquid taste that has vape enthusiasts clamoring for it like a partridge in a pear tree!

Why should any E-Liquid enthusiast settle for anything less than a taste that's utterly sensational? A committed vape deserves a taste that evokes that freshness and feeling of discovery that first occurred in the Garden of Eden, when those two young lovers, Adam and Eve, first took a bite out of a forbidden fruit. The incredible longing for fresh and tasty real fruit taste started then, and it lead them out of the garden and into a pear orchard, where they found another even more deliciously forbidden fruit, the pear. Eons later, this incredible taste is available in an E-Liquid from NKTR E-Liquid, and it offers a taste that’s like the nectar of the Gods.

Today, there's no doubt that the heavens are smiling upon those who taste the juicy nectar from the pear tree, which is why the taste of this fruit distilled into a delicious E-Juice must be tried and tried and savored and enjoyed, again and again and again.

Order up today, to ensure that this fruit is never forbidden again. Be sure to also choose the nicotine level of your greatest desire.

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