Pebbles Donut by Donuts E-Liquid


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Pebbles E-Juice is the premium nicotine flavor, and you're sure to love how it goes so well with any dessert you might want to imbibe.


Product Description

You can have a drink with it or a cup of coffee. This sophisticated blend of dessert flavors tastes just like fruit cereal and macaroon, making it also a good choice for breakfast, if you are so inclined. It tastes a lot like a mixture of tropical fruits with just a small splash of milk, which is perfect. It does not have the "lemony" flavor that many other fruity vapors from our competitors may have. Just fruit and cream. This vapor tastes like cream and also like fruit flavor. On the exhale, you'll taste a crisp vanilla cream. As a premium E liquid, Pebbles E-Juice comes in a variety of sizes and can be purchased to fit in with any size vaporizer you so choose to use. You may want to begin with 30 milliliters to see how you like it, and then you can advance to purchasing it in larger quantities. We sell this Pebbles E-Juice in quantities of up to 120 milliliters, which is ideal if you want to store the product and allow it to steep while you use some of it in your e-cigarette. You can also add menthol to this product, and you can choose how strong you want your Pebbles E-Juice menthol to be, choosing either light, medium, or heavy for your product. This is ideal for choosing the perfect smoking experience, and we're sure you'll be thrilled to experiment with different strengths of menthol to get the ultimate in flavor for your E-Juice. 

This product has been made to exceed your expectations, not simply meet them. These vapors are made-to-order in an extremely clean lab facility, and each bottle that we make is made only with the highest possible quality ingredients. The ingredients, if you're curious, for the Pebbles E-Juice are: USP certified VG, USP certified PG, USP certified GC/MS verified nicotine, and FDA food grade certified flavorings. You may also want to make sure that you steep this product for the ultimate in use value. You may want to steep this product after it arrives, waiting for up to 7 days to use the product with your e-cigarette. If you really want to use it right away, try waiting for about 4 days, which is okay also. 

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