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Pineapple Peach by Bazooka Vape unifies the tangy punch of tropical fruit with the sweetness of orchard grown nectarines. This variety of e-liquid will transport users back to a time when sour candy straws were a dietary staple. As an e-liquid, this product carries all the benefits of a clean draw without any residual tackiness left behind in the mouth. The flavor stays pure with every inhale, while still yielding satisfying clouds with every exhale.


Product Description

An investment in Pineapple Peach by Bazooka Vape would mean taking the nostalgic journey back in time when sour gummy candies were in abundance. Pineapple and peach are in perfect harmony in this e-juice. Every draw is initiated by a sour tang, but always rounded out by flawless sweetness. No flavor overpowers the other within each draw. This variety is the perfect addition to the Tropical Thunder line from Bazooka Vape. 

Pineapple Peach is a complete balance of flavor and pay-off. The taste never becomes so intense that it turns out to be too much to enjoy across multiple day's use. Every draw offers delicious taste without any cake-like after taste which many vapers would find unpleasant. This product also has a 70% VG to 30% PG ratio in order to ensure that the flavor payoff is as good as the vapor payoff.

Bazooka Vape has a comprehensive line of flavors within their Tropical Thunder line. In addition to Pineapple Peach they also have Mango Tango. An ever present theme for the company is a nod to candy counterparts. Mango Tango is sweet without being tacky and is flavor packed without sacrificing an impressive cloud. The overall result is the sensation of eating their candy straw inspiration.

The brand also makes an Ice line of flavors. Within that line there is Blue Raspberry, a tangy representation sure to hit all the right quirks of a quality e-liquid. Each draw is packed with sour, yet sweet flavor. This ode to sour straws will have users thinking they are eating the real deal instead of vaping an e-liquid. Like other products from Bazooka Vape, this flavor is tasty and cloud inducing. 

Since starting their company, Bazooka Vape has pushed themselves to create premium e-liquids that novices and seasoned veterans alike would be drawn to. Based out of Los Angeles, with every product American made, they concoct unique flavors that create completely concentrated clouds. Every component in their products allows for idyllic vaping experiences.

Pineapple Peach by Bazooka Vape comes in a massive 100mL bottle, which is ideal as users will go to this flavor again and again. The dropper style lid makes refills easy without causing any accidental spills. Pineapple Peach is also available with nicotine concentrates of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. By doing this, Bazooka Vape allows users to hit the niche of their nicotine preference.

As you browse through Bazooka Vape's various lines and flavors, don't hesitate to explore our other e-liquids, mods, parts, tanks, or pens. At, we strive to be all-inclusive in order to meet the needs of our customers. If you have any questions, please call our customer service team as they are willing and able to help!

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