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The Plenty Vaporizer Cooling Coil is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product that's suitable for vapers in need of replacement parts. This compact and portable piece was created specifically for use with Plenty vaping units. Its main function is to cool vapor off and to provide users with tastes and aromas that are both enjoyable and rich. This spare part can serve as a replacement for broken and faulty cooling coils. It's made of stainless steel.


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Got Vape carries many first-rate choices in Plenty Vaporizer replacement parts. Plenty vaporizers are also available for purchase through our in-depth retail website. The Plenty Vaporizer Cooling Coil is a spare piece that is great for vapor cooling requirements. It's made of stainless steel and as a result is strong and resilient. Since this coil has vapor cooling abilities, it can provide vapers with the gifts of enjoyable taste and aromas. If you want to treat your senses to a vaporization session that's quite simply out of this world, you should make a point to invest in this cooling coil.

This spare item can be helpful for people who have broken cooling coils. It can also be helpful for people who just can't find their coils. If you've been searching your residence up and down for a lost cooling coil, this item can come to your aid. The best part is that it's beyond speedy and stress-free to replace. Many people replace old and worn out cooling coils with this sparkling new spare piece. It isn't uncommon at all for people to break their cooling coils. Rough pulling can often be destructive to coils. They can frequently make them stop working entirely.

This cooling coil is a great product choice for vaping fans who love vapor that feels nice, soothing and cool. If you want serene vapor with each individual draw, this spare offering can accommodate you with ease.

The Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber is another strong example of a must-have replacement product we carry here. This neat and compact OEM offering can be a useful replacement for people who have broken or lost filling chambers. If you can't remember where you last put your filling chamber, this spare can save you from a lot of unnecessary panicking. It's equipped with an improved diameter. One of its most noteworthy features is a handy bayonet lock.

Got Vape sells the Plenty Vaporizer Liquid Pad Set as well. If you're looking for spare liquid pads that can accommodate your reliable device, this pack of two is all you need. These stainless steel 30mm pads can work great for liquid and oil vaporization. Spare liquid pads are capable of taking in upward of 10 liquid drops. It can be beneficial to begin with small liquid amounts to attain optimal taste, however. 

Plenty vaping devices and replacement parts are made by a highly esteemed brand that's known as Storz & Bickel. This company is headquartered in Germany's Tuttlingen. Its United States office is in Oakland, California. This manufacturer has made a major splash in the vaporization world due to praised products such as Crafty and Mighty vaping units. It also provides devotees with many high-quality choices in vaporization accessories and spare components. 

Got Vape in Southern California can be a fantastic asset for vaporization fans who want to shop for grade A units and supplies. If you need efficient and dependable spare parts for your Plenty device, it's time to get in contact with our company's customer service representatives. We know Plenty products. We know everything about sub ohm tanks, mechanical mods, digital vaporizers, concentrate tanks and e-liquids, too.

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    My Cooling Coil Review

    My Plenty Vape is what makes me feel good each night. Since I have stopped -smk-, I can totally see why Vaporizing is the wave of the future!However, when I cleaned my Plenty, I made the mistake of pulling the cooling coil a part too much. Thankfully, I was able to just purchase this one piece.I liked that when I called Customer Service, they were able get my order out in the same day!

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