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The Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber fits the unique Plenty Vaporizer. From the manufacturer that brought you the Volcano, Mighty and Crafty Vaporizers, the Plenty Vaporizer includes a filling chamber distinguished by its wide diameter, perfect for drawing dense vapor from the device. The Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber fits normal screens and liquid pads for use with either dry herbs or essential oils. 


Product Description

Plenty Vaporizers combine the power of a desktop vaporizer with the convenience of a handheld device.The Plenty Vaporizer is used with a hose and mouthpiece. It does not require the filling of bags, as the Volcano Vaporizer does. The Plenty Vaporizer is also lightweight for the powerful vaping experience it provides. Finally, the Plenty Vaporizer is nearly silent, without any annoying hissing, buzzing or whirring sounds. What makes the Plenty Vaporizer stand out most, however, is its revolutionary filling chamber design. 

The Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber is truly innovative in its design. To produce vapor, vaporizers pass hot air through aromatic herbs and liquids. The shape of the Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber maximizes surface area for a full vapor draw, showcasing the unique flavors and aromas of the herbs. 

Another convenient feature of the Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber is that it can be removed and filled while the vaporizer's heating element is coming to temperature. That means you can get vaping quickly. 

The Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber also features a unique, double-helix design to maximize space and heat the filling chamber's contents quickly and uniformly. The advanced heating element makes vaping from a Plenty Vaporizer both immersive and economical. Since all angles of the herbs and essential oils are exposed to the heating element, no product is wasted. The cooling element within the Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber cools the vapor to prevent burnt or metallic tastes or aromas. 

The Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber is just one of the Plenty Vaporizer replacement parts offered by GotVape. The Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber Reducer adjusts the size of the filling chamber for vaporization of small amounts of dry herbs. A version of the Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber that already contains the reducer is also available through our store. Sets of replacement screens and liquid pads can also be purchased to ensure your device is always clean and running smoothly. A replacement Vaporizer Cooling Coil is also an excellent spare to have on hand, since proper cooling of the filling chamber contents is so important to the experience of the Plenty Vaporizer. Finally, a Plenty Vaporizer Wear and Tear Set comes with extra screens, liquid pads, cleaning brush and other small parts necessary to maintain your Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber and keep it running smoothly, powerfully and quietly.

To prolong the life of your Plenty Vaporizer, all parts, including the Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber, should be cleaned regularly according to the manufacturer's directions. This ensures the nuanced flavors and aromas of herbs and essential oils are experienced and prevents overheating. Replace any part of your Plenty Vaporizer you notice is cracked or otherwise damaged as soon as you notice. 

The Plenty Vaporizer is manufactured by Storz & Bickel. This manufacturer combines the quality and precision of German design with the input and service of American vape enthusiasts. Users have come to expect greatness from the company that brought you the Volcano, Mighty and Crafty lines of vaporizers. The Plenty is an excellent addition to the manufacturer's offerings, as it is convenient without sacrificing power, bridging the gap between the desktop Volcano and the portable Mighty and Crafty vaporizers. The excellent quality Storz & Bickel vaporizers is supported a manufacturer's warranty that ensures all Storz & Bickel vaporizers and replacement parts purchased through GotVape. 

Still have questions? Contact us at GotVape for more information on the Plenty Vaporizer Filling Chamber, Plenty Vaporizers or any product from this and other manufacturers. 

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    A must have

    I made the mistake of letting my friend borrow my Plenty for a party, of course the filling chamber didn't make it back.I was dreading having to buy a new one, but since it was under $50, this was a great deal!Ordered it on a Monday & I received it in two days, good site, I will buy from here again.

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