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One of the most popular brands in the industry brings you Frost Bite by Naked 100 E-Liquid. Imagine the crispness of menthol infused with tropical fruit delights and you’ll have an idea of what this e-juice delivers. It mixes the tastes of juicy cantaloupes and honeydew melon with tangy pineapple and then adds a splash of menthol for a presentation that is cool and clean.


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Product Description

It is subtle yet distinct enough that you will be able to taste all of the flavors as they combine to deliver something as distinct as your own personality.

This e-liquid begins with sweet undertones that come from the flavor profiles of cantaloupe and honeydew melon. Soft on the palette, these flavors are authentic enough to make your mouth water. Next comes the slightly tart and tropical taste of pineapple, a perfect choice to temper the sweetness of the melons. Just beneath it all is the glory of menthol. It isn’t too strong or harsh, but just enough to make the entire combination exquisitely cool. You’ve probably tasted menthol before, but never like this. Don’t be surprised if this e-juice becomes a frequent addition to your favorite sub tank.

Frost Bite by Naked 100 E-Liquid is so unique that you’d be hard pressed to find anything even remotely close, but original flavors are a hallmark of this brand. They just don’t do bland, tired flavors. Another great aspect is that the originality of the flavor does not compromise its overall smoothness. You can vape it from morning till night and it never gets old. Some fruit-inspired flavors just won’t hold up to vaping all day, but you’ll be reaching for this one time and again because every draw tastes as great as the first. Its aroma is also delightful and gentle, evoking thoughts of sweet summertime and nice evenings outdoors.

This new menthol line also includes Very Cool by Naked 100 E-liquid, a menthol blend that incorporates notes of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. The berry mixture makes for the perfect balance of tart and sweet while the menthol makes it as cool as a refreshing smoothie. Brain Freeze by Naked 100 E-Liquid is similar in that it draws on strawberries and kiwi for its fruit influence, but it is the notes of sweet red pomegranates that truly set it off. In all of these flavors the menthol is present but muted. You’ll have just enough on each draw to satisfy your appreciation of menthol without suffering the harshness of a traditional menthol blend.

You really wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from The Schwartz E-Liquid, the brand behind this imprint. The brand began with flavors like The Upside and Comb the Desert which drew upon the creamy richness of fresh yogurt. As The Schwartz E-Liquid grew in popularity, so did their brand. They introduced the Naked 100 E-Liquid imprint in the desire to take fruit-based e-juices to new heights, and their initial offerings such as Lava Flow and Green Blast were met with the same enthusiasm as the original products from this brand. A large measure of the brand’s success can be chalked up to their team of trained mixologists who labor over each new flavor in the quest to preserve originality. These flavor artists are dedicated to creating the best recipes and using the best raw materials. The steeping process is delicate and complex, removing the need for you to steep the e-liquids on your own when you receive them.

These e-liquids are available in 15, 30, and 60 ml bottles with nicotine consistencies of 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg to accommodate the preferences of all vapers. These are designer e-liquids, crafted with the discriminating vaper in mind. They will appeal to those with a zest for the finer things in life and a fun personality.

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