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Police Man is an arresting combination of two tasty and playful flavors, Glazed Donut and Marshmallow Cereal. It won't be a trial to savor the sugary warmth of a soft, melt in your mouth, decadent treat sparkling with glaze. Handcuffed to that, you will enjoy the magical and delicious taste of a sweet cereal you loved as a kid. The 80/20 VG/PG ratio is the perfect recipe for an excellent experience.


Product Description

Let's face it, cops love their donuts, or at least they have the humorous reputation for loving them. We've all seen the caricatures on TV or in the comics of Officer Friendly coming out of the local donut shop with his cup of coffee in one hand and his favorite donut (or bag of donuts) in the other. But can you blame him or her? Who does not love a donut or two, or a half dozen? A donut is a simple but divine indulgence and glazed donuts are one the most popular choices. When you think of one, you picture a hot, fresh, yummy confection, unadorned by anything except those fabulous flakes of glaze melting on your tongue, and Police Man does not fail to the get the job done. But in this case, you don't have to worry about packing on the pounds or getting any cavities. You get all the awesome sugary, fried goodness in a blissful glazed cloud. 

Police Man has done a commendable job in partnering up this widely adored snack with another comfort food - cereal. Cereal starts your day, but some of us love it any time. Who says you can't have cereal for lunch or dinner? When your growling stomach wakes you up at 2 am, sometimes only a bowl of cereal with quiet it down. It seems the best cereals are the ones we enjoyed at our childhood kitchen tables. That sweet and crunchy marshmallow cereal was certainly a favorite. Poured noisily in a bowl and doused with icy cold milk or sometimes eaten milk-less right out of the carton as 'finger-food,' the colorful little marshmallows in different shapes were lucky stars that had us giggling in delight as we crunched and slurped it all down. Police Man was definitely on duty when Glazed Donut's bakery shop goodness and Marshmallow Cerea's starry sweetness collided to make an armed and dangerously delightful galaxy of flavor. 

Police Man e-liquid is a true blue, 100% made in the U.S. product bottled in Los Angeles. The impeccable blend of delectable glazed donut and crunchy/sweet marshmallow cereal boasts bountiful clouds, and a smooth, light throat hit. Available nicotine levels are 0 mg, 3 mg and 6mg. It's official that Police Man is a wonder and it would be criminal not to give it a try. Police Man is sweet surrender.

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