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Portable Vaporizers

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A Bit of Explanation on Portable Vapes

Portable vaporizers are exactly what their name implies - you can take your vaporizer everywhere you go. They're lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Now, one might think that vape pens are portable vaporizers. Well, technically, they are portable. But not all portable vaporizers are vaping pens. And when you hear someone talk about those compact vapes, they usually mean something other than electronic cigarettes. And why is that? Because aside from portability, there’s a whole world of difference in terms of design, function, and features. Let’s break it down for you.

A Portable Vaporizer Is…

Portable vaporizers come in all sorts of sizes with one caveat - they must be handheld devices. So, don’t be surprised if there are some units that come shaped like an asthma inhaler like the PUFFiT or a wooden box like the Magic Flight Launch Box

These handy vapes also feature one of two different heating systems while vape pens typically only use conduction. What does this mean? The heating system of electronic cigarettes is less advanced, producing less smooth and pure vapor. It also means that the vape atomizer needs to be replaced a lot more frequently. Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, give you a choice between conduction and convection. A convection heating system is more ideal when you're vaporizing dry herbs because it prevents combustion. The herbs produce a smoother, purer, more flavorful vapor because the heating element does not come into contact with your material. Instead, it steams it using the hot air produced in the heating chamber.

Are Portable Handheld Vaporizers More Advanced?

Compared to e-cigs portable vaporizers typically have better and use more technologies. This means that they offer more features. For example, some handheld vapes allow you to charge the battery while you're vaping. Some can be controlled via an app such as the Firefly 2.And there are even some that use a cooling system to cool the vapor before it reaches your mouth. Best of all, these devices offer temperature control. Some allow you to select your desired temperature while others let you choose among different preset temperatures. The point is, you get to have control. A feature most e-cig pens do not have.

Why Should I Get a Portable Vaporizer?

It all depends on your vaping style, budget, and needs. Handheld vaporizers are more solidly built and durable. They also tend to cost more. But they are good for vaporizing wax, concentrates, and dry herbs. And they come with attachments as well as vape accessories to make your vaporizer multifunctional (even more so) while enhancing your vaping experience. And if that's not enough to convince you, here's this unassailable fact: portable vapes produce purer and more potent vapor.

What Kind Of a Handheld Portable Vape Will My Money Get Me?

Entry level portable handheld vaporizers (a.k.a. cheap) are those devices that people who have commitment issues choose. Kidding! If you have less than $120 to spend for a unit and/or you aren't sure that vaping is for you but you really want to use a portable vaporizer, then this is the "category" for you. Typically, these are simple units (nothing fancy) which may or may not have some semblance of temperature control (usually 3 preset temps). There's usually no digital display screen. Instead, you'll find color-coded LEDs that will indicate vaporizer battery life and temperature settings. The battery also typically charges longer and lasts for less than 4 sessions. And you may notice that a lot of these are made out of plastic.

What’s the Price Range of Portable Vapes?

Mid-range portable vaporizers, on the other hand, are middle-of-the-road devices that allow you to enjoy better vapor and some extra features. They're not as good or as feature-rich as the high-end ones. These usually cost less than $200. These may feature OLED display, USB charging, more temperature settings, and longer battery life (more sessions). High-end carry on vape cost over $200 and, as you'd expect, have a lot of bells and whistles. At this price range, you can definitely expect to find the best portable vaporizers in the market. Not only are they solidly built, they also produce the best quality vapor. You may find a lot of convenient features in these babies such as adjustable temperature settings via bluetooth, large heating chamber, fast charging, and longer battery life. Now that you know what carry on vaporizers are, be sure to check out our exhaustive list here on