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The Magic Flight Launch Box is a simple and elegant portable vaporizer. It uses conduction heat. It is made of wood and is block shaped. There is a trench to place dry herbs into for heating. A small hole in the wood is where the vapor comes out. Another hole at the side is for a regular AA battery to be inserted. Inserting the battery is what turns the vaporizer on and heats the herbs.


Product Description

The Magic Flight Launch Box is made of maple, walnut, cherry or other exotic wood. There is a Plexiglas cover to slide open to insert the herbs. There is a stainless steel screen. A steel pin and clip hold the cover in place. There is also a glass tube that can be added for drawing on the vapor. The box can also be used without the glass pipe tube. A user can draw vapor from the box directly.

This minimalistic vaporizer is used differently than more high-tech vaporizers. The herbs should be ground up finely for the best experience. The bowl should be flipped now and then for even heating of the herbs. Slow draws on the vapor work best. This vaporizer will use up all the herbs in the tank easily, and none will go to waste. The temperature is low enough to heat the herbs without burning them.

Regular batteries or rechargeable batteries can be used with this unit. Batteries will last for several hours of use. It's best to insert the battery for 12 to 14 seconds and then remove it for just the right temperature for heating the herbs. Using a fresh battery each time you use the vaporizer will make the unit function at its optimal best. A small light located inside the chamber will let a user know when the battery is making contact with the heating element.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is small enough to fit in your hand. It is very discreet and can be used almost anywhere undetected. It produces minimal odor if used correctly. Using this vaporizer will make herbs last longer because of the gradual nature of the heating process and the slow drawing of vapor. It's easy to see how much of the ground herbs are left in the tank because of the clear cover on the unit.

The Launch Box comes with a lifetime warranty. It is made in the USA. Its design was developed and perfected over the course of a decade. Each unit is handmade and takes about a week to be crafted using custom tools.

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    small flaws but still an awesome product

    although the price is pretty steep for not so rich people like me, I had to bite the bullet and try this out. I really needed something small, portable, and a great product at that. This gets the job done and I believe its the best small vaporizer out there. Even with its flaws, it works like a charm. It works very quick unlike some stuff out there and I've had this for about 7 months. Still a great product to me. If you are looking for a portable vaporizer this is it

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