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The Pro 2 Vaporizer by Puffco is one of the slimmest on the market, but don’t let its size fool you. Its stainless steel body is built to last. The Pro 2 boasts a large capacity ceramic chamber that ensures each draw produces an impressive cloud. With sesh mode and temperature control, the Pro 2 has options for whatever mood you’re in. Its carrying case ensures you can bring it with you wherever you go, and its extended battery life will keep it charged throughout the day.


Product Description

The first thing you’ll notice about the Pro 2 is its size. At just 4.5” long and 0.5” around, this is the slimmest vaporizer in Puffco’s catalog, and is one of the smallest pens on the market today. With its carrying case, this is an ideal vaporizer for a day on the town. If you’ve ever had an opportunity to use the original Puffco Pro, you’ll notice just how much smaller this model really is.

As far as design, the vaporizer is built of a mouthpiece, a chamber and a battery. One of its biggest features is its snap-off mouthpiece, which allows for quick access to the chamber. Speaking of its chamber, its hard to believe how big it is considering the overall size of the vaporizer. You can expect to get some hearty draws out of this one. Another impressive feature is Puffco’s guarantee that the chamber contains no plastic, fibers or glue.

You can use the power button to cycle through the options of the 3 temp control. The low, medium and high settings are all good for a satisfying draw, but the high setting will be more than enough to enjoy the full flavor of your essential oils. One of the surprises here is how well the vaporizer utilizes Puffco’s sesh mode. For a full 12 seconds, you can enjoy a constant stream of vapor that can be used in any of the three temperature settings.

Other major advantages the Pro 2 has on its predecessor are its extended battery life and its durable build. Its new and improved battery is good for up to 100 uses per charge. This kind of power will keep you going all day long. With a stainless steel frame, the vaporizer will endure more than just the normal wear and tear that pens are normally subjected to. As a bonus, Puffco includes a carrying case that will give you an additional safeguard against the elements.

If premium features and superior battery life are important to you while you are on the run, then the Pro 2 Vaporizer by Puffco might be a perfect fit. It is a critically acclaimed vaporizer, and is an improvement over its predecessor in every way. While your on, be sure to check out the Pro 2 Vaporizer Replacement Coil by Puffco. Also be sure to check out our huge selection of dry herbs, essential oils, concentrates, and mods for your other devices. If you have questions about this vaporizer or any other product on our store, please contact us and one of our team members will be happy to help.

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