Dr. Dabber Ghost Concentrate Pen


Dr. Dabber Ghost Concentrate Pen

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⚠ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Dr. Dabber on the Go

The Ghost Vape Pen from Dr. Dabber is just what the doctor ordered for beginners who want to vape concentrates while on the go. Now, you might ask why do we recommend this one out of the numerous vape pens in the entry-level category. There are several reasons, actually. And we’re going to discuss them one by one.

The Dr. Dabber Ghost Atomizer

If you’ve read anything about vape pens, then you already know that the heating element used is a vape atomizer. So, what makes this one so different? Two things - titanium and recessed. Say what? First, let’s talk about the material used to make the coil - high resistance, grade 4 titanium. What this material does is that it allows the atomizer to start heating at a low temperature and stay within the ideal temperature range that produces consistently smooth, flavorful vapor. And because it doesn’t get really hot, it never reaches the point of combustion so you never have to worry about burning or charring your material. As an added bonus, there’s no need to dry burn your vaporizer coil out of the box. You do need to check to see if it works as soon as you get it but that’s just plain common sense, right?

Is Dr. Dabber Ghost Wax Pen Providing Efficient Heat?

One of the most important aspects of vaping concentrates is efficient heat. Some vaporizers simply heat too fast and burn red hot at the point of contact. This can create a charred, electrical taste which greatly diminishes the enjoyment of concentrates. This concentrate pen uses Dr. Dabber's own proprietary Titanium Technology which increases the heat slowly until it reaches the desired temperature. The result is that the concentrate is heated in proportion to the increasing heat of the pen, providing a more flavorful and smoother vape.

Now, what about the recessed thing? Well, the Ghost Atomizer is actually receded or recessed inside the heating chamber. This means that it’s placed much closer to the bottom of the heating chamber. This ensures that the concentrates are heated properly, flowing down the coil instead of at the bottom of the heating chamber. Aside from preventing you from wasting precious material, you also have an easier time cleaning the chamber.

What's inside the Dr. Dabber Ghost Dab Pen Box?

You might be happy to know that aside from the atomizer you already have in the dab pen, Dr. Dabber includes a second titanium atomizer in the kit. And because the coil is made out of high quality material, it will last a lot longer than atomizers in this category - around 1 to 2 months of regular use before you need to use the replacement.

You might also be interested to note that the silica wick is also top quality. You can use it right out of the box and expect a smooth and clean taste.

Vapor Quality & Performance of the Ghost Wax Pen

Right off the bat, we can definitely say that the quality of the vapor you get from the Ghost is top-notch. Each draw gives you a smooth, clean, flavorful taste. It doesn’t matter whether you do a short draw or a long one, the taste is the same. This type of vapor, the large amounts of cloud, and the versatility of use at this price point? Amazeballs. The low heat and high quality coil definitely work well together.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Dab Battery Life

One of the most important features of a vape is the battery life and rechargeability. While it is rated to last approximately 400 draws per charge, testing has shown that you can get around 200 to 300 puffs out of this baby. And that's totally fine because that means you can use it for a couple of days straight without recharging your vape battery. It's quite satisfying to see a battery that doesn't drain power significantly when not in use at this price.

Aside from giving you a decent amount of puffs, the battery also charges pretty quickly - around 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours for a full charge. And with the USB charging cord that comes with the Ghost Dab Pen, you can quickly recharge on-the-fly as long as there's a USB outlet nearby.

And should anything go wrong with the battery or the charger, Dr. Dabber has got you covered with its No Questions Asked 1-year warranty.

What Accessories Can You get with Dr. Dabber Wax Pen?

With the Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer Kit, you get the Ghost Pen, an extra Ghost Atomizer, 1 silicone ball for storing your concentrates, one loading tool, and a USB charger. It's a pretty neat package for less than $70. But the good stuff doesn’t end there. You can get various attachments that can enhance your vaping experience such as the Glass Globe attachment. Basically, this one is similar to a clearomizer. You get to see the concentrate turn into vapor which can be a pretty cool visual for some vapers.

Then there are the glass water attachments such as the Percolator and the Recycler Pendant. These two attachments allow you to add an extra filter when vaping your concentrates and it moisturizes the vapor to prevent dryness in your throat. Plus, hearing the water bubble can be fun. These attachments come with its own atomizer that fits perfectly at the bottom of the water tools. And since you can only hold a little bit of water inside these attachments, you don't experience a significant change in taste (less flavor) but the vapor does get a tiny bit smoother. Not much that it makes all the difference but cool and an option for those who like this kind of thing, nonetheless.

Our Verdict

If you’re on a limited budget or still deciding if vaping is for you, then this is the starter kit you should, er, start with. You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. Get your own Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer Kit right here at GotVape.com. 

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