Pudding by The Milkman E-Liquid


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All of the superior quality that vapers have come to expect from the Vaping Rabbit line of designer e-liquids is now available in Pudding by The Milkman E-Liquid. This exquisite offering is the most recent among those produced by this new and exciting brand that draws inspiration from uniting vaping culture with the premium tastes of everyday life. Since their debut, The Milkman brand has won over many devotees for their originality and dedication to perfection.


Product Description

Pudding by The Milkman E-Liquid

Pudding is a delightful take on the little pudding packs that everyone loves to enjoy as a snack. This e-liquid gives that iconic flavor a little twist, though, by using a medley of vanilla bean, lemon, and creamy milk to create a yummy taste that is so smooth and authentic it will almost make you reach for a spoon. It is sweet but not syrupy, and presents in an easy manner that is at once nostalgic and modern. Perfect for vaping all day, Pudding never gets old and each hit embodies the grand presence savored the first time you vape it. 

Pudding E-Liquids History and Creation

In 2006, Barbara Villegas had a novel idea. Looking to capitalize on the budding popularity of vaping, Villegas sought to merge two of her existing business ideas--a hookah bar and an ice cream shop--into a single enterprise that would create top-shelf e-liquids. The result was the Vaping Rabbit, a brand that distinguished itself with e-juice flavors such as Alice and Mad Hatter. Stylish and cool, the Vaping Rabbit was an immediate success despite the fact that the brand focused on small-batch flavors that were marketed to targeted groups. Now, with the Milkman imprint, Villegas and crew are looking to expand their presence in the market with e-juices that take originality to new heights.

Pudding by The Milkman E-Liquid is the fourth e-liquid introduced by the brand. Preceding it were Milkman, a fun combination of warm toaster pastries and vanilla bean ice cream, Churrios, a spectacular blend of cinnamon-topped pastry and honey-nut cereal, and Milky O's, the definitive take on a cookies-and-cream milkshake. With this assortment of e-liquids under their belt, it is no wonder that vapers have been giving them high ratings and reviews throughout the vaping community.

High Quality Pudding E-Juice

Quality at the Vaping Rabbit begins with the environment in which the e-juices are made. The clean rooms are designed to prevent the intrusion of impurities and steep each batch to a consistent level of perfection. The process is complex and one that takes some time. Before you put Milkman e-liquids in your vaporizer or mod, the product has been labored over by experienced mixologists and professionals who employ rigorous testing and quality control at each stage of production. Once the e-liquids are ready for distribution, they are packaged in 60ml bottles with a dropper and then boxed in a cool-looking miniature milk carton. Vapers can choose from nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg to tailor their vape to their own preference.

It isn't easy to rise above all of the traditional e-liquids in the marketplace. The way Milkman has done that is by keeping the philosophies which made the Vaping Rabbit such a success in place. Quality, originality, and a healthy sense of fun drive the brand in its quest to be the best.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for Pudding by The Milkman E-Liquid, be sure to check out all of the other Milkman flavors as well as our selection of tanks, mods, and accessories. An e-juice this good might just merit a brand new mod, and our prices are competitive with all online retailers. We also have support available via live chat or email.

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