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PUFF Bar Disposables

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Buy Authentic, Buy Puff Bars!

With Over 24 Flavors to Choose from Enjoy Puff Bars!

Founded in 2019 in Los Angeles, CA, Puff Bars have delivered excellent flavor providing a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Requiring no maintenance at all, each bar light as a feather, is powered by a 280mAh battery filled with delicious, potent 1.3mL Salt Nic.

With 50mg in a small, petite frame, carry the Puff Bar where you go! No bigger than our average lighter, it fits perfectly in your hand. And the best part about it? After you are done just throw the device away. It’s completely disposable!

Portable, user-friendly and super convenient.; there aren’t any down sides I can see! Make sure to get the Puff Bar Disposable Pod Device today!

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More on Puff!

Puff Bars have ruled the scene since arriving on the market in 2019! With over 24 delicious flavors spanning from sugary desserts, fresh fruits and traditional tobacco they are renowned for providing great flavor at an affordable economic price.

With an ever-growing current team of over 100 people, they promise to remain at the forefront of innovation with its diverse flavors and reliable devices. Looking to improve their products daily they aspire to give each customer a truly enjoyable vaping experience.

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Those Delicious Flavors!

With over 24 yummy flavors Puff Bars have a lot to choose from. Like the Strawberry Puff Bar, a delectable taste of fresh strawberry flavor! One puff from this bar will feel like you are eating the real thing.

Or the luxurious refreshing taste of Lush Ice Puff Bar. An incredible arctic blast of delicious menthol, this cooling profile will deliver that invigorating inhales.

With a number of incredible varieties enjoy the potent flavor of Puff Bars!

Got Vape Plus Puff Bars

As the leading vaporizer companies on the market Got Vape makes to sure carry the latest and greatest on the market. With customer satisfaction in mind, our vision is to provide each patron with convenient, reliable service all while delivering integrity, innovation and excellence. Providing everything from purchases and repairs, Got Vape is your go to partner for all your vaporization wishes.

Carrying varieties from Puff Bars, Exxus Vape, Wulf Mods and much more our abundant assortment is here to meet every customer’s needs. Available Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm and reached at 1-888-827-3101, Got Vape is an industry leader providing the top products for your dry herbs, juices and concentrates.