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Puff King Mods Replacement Parts

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Puff Kings Mods Replacement Parts

The Puff King brand is known for the quality and the wide range of products this top-notch vape brand produces. From a wide and delicious range of savory and sassy e-liquids to vaporizers, vape attachments, special accessories like Puff King apparel, and even a full line of classic hookahs, Puff King is the go-to brand that every dedicated vaper is looking for!

Puff King is The Vape Juice King

If you'e looking for great tasting, carefully curated, delicious and savory vape juices, Puff King offers a huge line of flavors, so there's something from this brand for every kind of vape enthusiast with every kind of taste. The range of flavors created by Puff King is truly amazing. This brand's vape juices range from flavors that capture the taste of crunchy sweet cereal to sweet peach tea to strawberries and cream to fruity sherbet and much more. When flavor is what a vape is craving, Puff King has got it!

Puff King is a brand that knows its customers are people of great taste who like to use their favorite brand proudly, which is why they've created their own special line of accessories to celebrate that taste. From logo lanyards to atomizers, wicks and chargers, Puff King offers accessories that will suit the needs of all their vaping customers.

Puff King Vaporizers

Puff King doesn't kid around when it comes to creating vaporizers, either. This brand offers top quality vaporizers that make inhaling delicious e-juices, concentrates and herbs a truly fabulous experience. The full line of vaporizers from this quality brand is truly astounding, with special features in each one that make it extra special. From products like the Advance Puff Vaporizer to the Sneaky Puff Vaporizer and more, there is something here to satisfy even the most discriminating vape enthusiast!

Puff King also offers several Vaporizer Attachments that will definitely go with any style of vaporizer, for further enjoyment while inhaling that favorite e-juice or concentrate. For serious vapers who really like to enjoy their inhale with an extra dose of classical style, Puff King has it all!

Puff King Mod Replacement Parts

Along with all these other dynamic vape products, Puff King also offers authentic hookahs in a range of styles. These amazing hookahs come in incredible colors and they are as beautiful as they are functional. Puff King also has several hookah accessories, like a hookah glass base and hoses, so there's everything here that a dedicated hookah user could ever wish for. 

Mod Replacement Parts From Puff King at is proud to offer a full line of quality products from Puff King on its site, including a wide range of vaporizers suitable for every kind of vape enthusiast. also features the Puff King Horus Vape Mod and Atomizer in its selection of Mod Replacement parts, and there's no question this Vape Mod is top-of-the-line. 

This great looking little Mod comes complete with a 18650 batter and a charger, too. This piece can be enjoyed using the tank it comes with for e-juice, or it can be enjoyed with rebuildable atomizers.

The Horus Vape Mod e Cig Vaporizer comes compete with a wall charger and one bottom coil tank. It measures 6.5 inches in height, and it's 1 inch in width. It's attractively styled and comes in a range of colors, including black, gold, blue and purple.

Here at, we're proud to offer a wide selection of top-quality products from Puff King. We hope you'll get a chance to enjoy them all!