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Puff King Mods

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Puff King Mods

Puff King manufactures and distributes vaping products designed to enhance the lives of its client-base. Its brand entered the market in 2003, and it continues to create innovative products that are designed to operate efficiently, reliably and in an intuitive fashion. You'll enjoy greater utility with the companies broad selection of mods and accessories to enhance your sessions. 

The company offers a complete line of mods for the serious vaper who wants to experience a more hands-on and controlled session. For those who are new to vaping and not yet ready to tackle the challenge of using a mod, the company also specializes in vaporizers that are designed to get you up and running quickly. You'll also find a selection of quality atomizers, and get a complete range of accessories like heating coils to continue to enjoy your vaping sessions.

Puff King Vaporizer Options

Puff King offers several vaporizer options to ensure you get a unit that meets your needs. The Egy Puff vaporizer offers an economical option that is easy to operate. You'll also get a battery, CE4 tank and USB charger to keep the unit powered on. Additional vaporizers manufactured by Puff King include the Sneaky Puff compact, the Osiris, the EDM, Intense Puff and Halo models. If you're not quite ready to jump into the world of mods, using a pre-built vaporizer that is designed for a simple and safe experience offers a good alternative.

The Horus Vape Mod

Mods can be costly, but Puff King offers an affordable and effective mod that gives you full functionality. The Horus Mod vaporizer comes with a mod, atomizer and an 18650 battery and charging unit. You can also use this mod with atomizers that are compatible with the unit. If you don't have a compatible atomizer, you can use the tank that comes with the unit for your essential oils. The mod measures 6.5 inches high with a 1-inch width. This makes is highly portable and easy to take with you anywhere. You can also choose from four possible color options to accentuate your personality. 

The components used in the production of the Horus mod are of high-quality and you'll love the solid feel and look of this vaporizer mod. Its heavy-duty construction can take some abuse, and you'll enjoy the fact that it can stand up to a little rough handling. The battery will keep a full charge for a long time, and it's not unheard of to go a week between charging the battery. 

Using Vaporizer Mods

While a vaporizer mod isn't for everybody, it can give you an amazing session with massive plumes of smoke when done safely and correctly. The design of this mod gives you some additional functionality and this mod can be personalized by adding your own compatible tanks. Provided you have experience with using a vape mod, this option offers excellent design and functionality to help you get the most from your vaping sessions. Mods are designed for advanced users who want to take complete control of their entire vaping experience. 

Replacement Parts and Accessories

The beauty of mods is that they are simple devices that don't have a lot of parts that can break down. If you find yourself in need of wire coils, you can find high-quality coils for your unit. BarbCoils consist of pre-wrapped Kanthal wire coils that are designed for use with RBA tanks. These coils can make the difference in your vaping session, and you'll enjoy the enhanced utility and convenience of these high-quality parts.