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Puff King Tanks

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Puff King Tanks

Puff King is a specialized vaporizer manufacturer that focuses on delivering innovative and cutting-edge products to the marketplace. The company has a long history of providing reliable products to the general public, and you'll be able to enjoy superior craftsmanship and get more control out of your vaping session when you use one of their products. When it comes to creating unique and highly coveted designs, the company leads the way through its imaginative and highly recognizable products. The company functions as a manufacturing, distributing and retail company that is based in Anaheim, California.

Puff King History and Culture

The company's e-cigarette brand entered into production in May 2013. The brand has since been made available to the public, and the product is one of their top-selling items. The company started out of a desire to give the public the best possible vaping equipment to enjoy robust sessions. As a leading manufacturer of vaping products, the company has been able to enjoy a standard of excellence that is well-known in the vaping world. Their office in Anaheim serves as a distributor to sell their products throughout the world. 

Average Customer Reviews

The company regularly gets rave reviews from its customers for its line of essential oils and vaporizer equipment. The company works tirelessly to make sure all of their products meet customer expectations. When a product fails, they re-evaluate it and find ways to make the product more useful to their customer base. All of their products are designed to be intuitive to use so that you can enjoy your session without fiddling with controls and knobs. An attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is what makes this a leading vaporizer and vaporizer accessories company. 

Product Line

The Puff Line brand is known internationally, and the company provides vaporizers and accessories to their customers. The have a complete line of concentrate, dry, oil, e-Liquid, concentrate and mods for customers to enjoy. They also specialize in atomizers, cartomizers and batteries so you can get the parts needed for your session. The company believes in making products to give people alternatives to traditional smoking, and it strives to spread awareness about vaping through various initiatives. 

Puff King believes in hand-crafting all of their essential oils to give customers the best experience possible. The flavors are described as rich and bold, and you'll be able to enjoy a range of flavor profiles when you try out their blends. As a tank manufacturer, they provide careful attention to detail and make sure their tanks are tested to be safe and reliable.

Featured Products

Dozer Atomizer by Puff King comes in both red and black. The device is simple to fill, and you'll be able to easily see how much liquid is left to determine if the atomizer is dry inside. This unit has a unique design that is able to maintain all of the taste and flavors in your blends. You'll also be able to easily maintain the unit and keep it clean by using pure water to rinse the unit out. It's easy to handle, so you won't have to worry about this unit dropping out of your hands while you're setting it up. You'll be getting a high-quality atomizer that will give you consistent taste and vapor throughout your entire session.