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Released in 2012, the Puffit Vaporizer continues to hold the attention of experienced users. The product is manufactured by Discreet Vape. It features a lightweight, stealthy design and has a height of 3.5 inches. Since it only weighs 2.6 ounces, it's easy to transport in a small pocket or purse. 


Product Description

The Puffit Vaporizer's functionality is controlled by an advanced internal microprocessor, and with a heating chamber that is plated with gold, the Puffit is capable of delivering some very satisfying vapor. In less than one minute, the Puffit heats up to your desired temperature. 

It can vaporize material at several different temperatures. The top cap of the device is covered by a silicone heat shield, which helps to keep the heat contained within the chamber. The silicone shield is also good at reducing the exterior temperature of the Puffit Vaporizer. 

For a custom vaporization experience, the Puffit uses a rotary temperature wheel. It gives users eight different temperature levels to choose from. The lowest setting is 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest setting is 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The setting that you choose is based on your own personal preference. 

A feature that really helps improve the functionality of the Puffit is a removable stir tool, which lets you stir your material around the heating chamber. This accessory is very useful because it doesn't require you to open the top cover, so you can stir the material and not have to worry about heat loss. 

Vaporizing with the Puffit is very easy to do. First, remove the magnetic mouthpiece and take the cap off. Add your herbal blend to the chamber and make sure it's ground well. Put the cap back on and use the product's dial to select your desired temperature. 

When using a vaporizer for the first time, you should always start with the lowest temperature and work your way up. To activate the heating element, press the cap for two seconds. The Puffit can take anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds to reach your desired temperature. 

Key Features

• Has a safety feature for automatic shutoff
• Lightweight
• Compact
• Easy to use
• Adjustable temperature
• Heating chamber plated in gold

The Puffit Vaporizer has redundant temperature sensors and uses a powerful microprocessor. These two features combined deliver a temperature that is very accurate. To make sure your blend never gets too hot, the Puffit Vaporizer uses its microprocessor to monitor and adjust the temperature over 100 times per second. 

For maximum battery efficiency, the Puffit has a feature for automatic shutoff. Once the feature has deactivated the device, you can press the top cover to reactivate it. With a memory recall feature, the Puffit is able to re-heat itself to your desired temperature when you decide to use it again. Something that really makes the Puffit Vaporizer different from your typical product is the style. 

The creators of the product have put an enormous amount of effort into disguising the Puffit to make it look like an asthma inhaler. If you were to see someone using this vaporizer on the street, there is a good chance that you would think it's nothing more than an asthma inhaler. 

The Puffit Vaporizer is one of the most discreet vaporizers that you can buy. It's also very easy to load, but users should make sure to add material that has been finely ground. The heating element works quickly and heats the material within seconds. The average user should find the Puffit Vaporizer to be a very affordable option, and it delivers several great features for the money.

Additional Information


1. Remove Mouthpiece Cap to turn the Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape "ON"

2. Twist off the Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape Top Cap in a counter clockwise motion then place your aromatherapy inside the Filling Chamber. (For best results, use only finely grounded dry aromatherapy and tightly pack)

3. Set the Desired Temperature by turning the Temperature Wheel on the bottom right side of the Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape (Levels 1-8)

4. Activate the Heat Cycle by Pushing Firmly on the Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape Top Cap for 2 seconds.

5. Wait for the Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape to heat up. The LED will flash Red while Heating for 30 seconds.

6. Take slow, steady breaths for 10-14 seconds. The Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape will return to standby mode after 15 seconds.

7. Repeat steps as desired.

Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape Cleaning Instructions


Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape Warranty

Each Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape is backed by a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty, restricted to normal use. The battery is equipped with a standard 90 Day Warranty.


The Puffit Vaporizer by Discreet Vape is not a medical device, and not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

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    The Puffit is going everywhere with me

    The Puffit is going everywhere with me

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    PUFFiT is in the Game

    I recently had the opportunity to try out the new PUFFiT and I must say that this vaporizer exceeds my expectations. The extremely efficient heat up time and plentiful vapor hits took my experience to the next level. This brand new vaporizer is on the top of their game when it comes to portability and effectiveness.

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    This is the best portable vaporizer I own! It's small enough to fit in your pocket, sturdy, nice bowl size, well priced, battery life seems legit so far, fast heat-up time, air-flow is decent, adjustable temp is right onAs long as it holds up over time, this is the most impressed I've been with a portable unitIt is the first portable vaporizer that I've seen with adjustable temps that is truly pocket-sizedI highly recommend this product!

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    This is true portability with fine vaping

    I was so glad to see I made it with the first batch of PuFFiTs.Take about sneaking a vape!I will quote the previous reviewer ...'The LED heating system is very user friendly (solid red=Ready to heat/blinking red=heating up/green=Ready for Use) I was able to get 2-3 good draws each time my Puffit was up to temperature, I chose to use 7 on the temp dial.'There's concern about the plastic taste but after reading a few forums the plastic is food grade. Someone on that forum claimed it went away after using it a few times.This thing really worked it's magic. This is my 3rd vaporizer and by far my favorite.

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    stealthy, but short battery life

    stealthy, but short battery life

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