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Puffit Vaporizers

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Puffit Vapes

Puffit Vaporizers is revolutionizing the way individuals vape dry herbs by making the experience discreet and compact. The Puffit 2 vaporizer has a design that stands apart from traditional forms and the company is looking to create a new trend that many who vape dry herbs will find more amendable to their lifestyle. A progressive approach to vaping is what guides this highly-rated supplier.

Most vaporizers that are sold today feature similar aesthetics. Vaping pens are a popular example of how vaporizers tend to fit a specific mold. Puffit Vaporizers turned things around with the Puffit 2 by making it look very similar to an inhaler. The result is an extremely portable device that will allow vapers to enjoy their vape in a discreet way and not generate a lot of attention. This is an important consideration, especially for those who may vape for medical reasons. The Puffit 2 is also one of the more affordable premium vaporizers on the market and sells for less than $100.

Portability Changes With Puffit Vapes

A lot of the discreet appeal of Puffit Vaporizers can be traced to the size of the unit itself. These vaporizers are very compact and are just 3.7" high with a width of 1.9". It is difficult for anyone who casually observes them to make the distinction between these vaporizers and an inhaler.

Revolutionary Design From Puffit Inhalers

Puffit Vaporizers have build the inhaler-like Puffit 2, to rigid specs that include a larger mouthpiece than one typically finds on a vaporizer. This creates and delivers a large amount of vapor on each hit. Even though the delivery is substantial, the Puffit 2 is not overpowering and is actually quite smooth. Other cutting-edge features used by Puffit Vaporizers include an audible vibrator that lets a vaper know when the dry herbs are properly heated and ready to vape.

Puffit 2 Vaporizer

The team at Puffit Vaporizers understand the importance of discretion to some vapers. The company has kept that in mind while developing the Puffit 2. Puffit Vape is clearly a company that cares about all aspects of the vaping lifestyle and helping to make the vaping experience a more pleasant one in all aspects. From the unique design to the quality materials used to bring it to life, Puffit strives for excellence in all aspects of manufacturing vaporizers.

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