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Purple by VTMN E-Liquid is a new blend that boasts the same handcrafted quality the company that produced it is known for. The Schwartz E-Liquid is recognized throughout the vaping community as the brand that brought the taste of yogurt to a line of popular flavors, and now they have created this new imprint and introduced four outstanding new varieties that will forever change the way you feel about fruit-inspired e-juices.


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Purple calls upon the Brazilian Acai Berry for its inspiration, an exotic treat that has enjoyed enormous popularity in recent years. Coupled with this are notes of agave syrup which work to bring out the sweetness of the berry for maximum favor. This particular blend of tastes is something the vaping community has not seen before, and the initial response to it has been a large number of positive ratings and reviews. 

The other e-juices brought to market by this imprint of The Schwartz follow the same ideology. Fire serves up the taste of dragon fruit in a refreshing burst of tropical satisfaction, while Island blends multiple varieties of citrus flavors to deliver something that achieves the perfect balance between tangy and sweet. All three flavors are top-shelf, meant to convey flavor profiles that exceed a vaper's expectations for originality. 

As one of the most popular e-liquid brands around, The Schwartz has a strong track record of creating flavors that vapers crave. They began with The Upside, The Downside, Comb the Desert, and Ludicrous Speed, a quartet of e-liquids that immediately caused a buzz for drawing inspiration from yogurt. When they set about the process of launching the VTMN line, all of their knowledge was applied toward the end of making fruit-based e-liquids that would distinguish themselves among the standard combinations that are available on the market. From their California headquarters, professional mixologists with years of experience tackled the considerable job of making something unique. 

Once the recipes were created and the premium materials sourced, the superior steeping procedures employed by The Schwartz were applied to Purple by VTMN E-Liquid and the other e-liquids in the line. This process is carried out in specially-designed clean rooms that afford the utmost in protection from impurities. The Schwartz also employs one of the most stringent programs of self-regulation and testing in the vaping industry, monitoring the production process at every stage to ensure consistency and quality from batch to batch.

Purple is packaged in a healthy 60ml bottle and is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg. to accommodate many different preferences. After all, vaping is about having the power to choose and make decisions that mesh with your individual personality. Winning over vapers one bottle at a time is what drives The Schwartz, and they are doing that with each new e-juice they create. The brand also produces the Naked 100 line of e-juices which also promote tropical themes and nightlife.

You can settle for the same old thing when it comes to e-liquid, or you can be bold--just like these new flavors from VTMN. Every bottle represents creativity and craftsmanship on the highest scale. Nothing leaves the facility that does not measure up to the high standards of The Schwartz. 

While you are shopping GotVape.com for Purple by VTMN E-Liquid, pick up some of the other flavors from this new brand. Then, take some time to explore our entire collection of premium mods, tanks, accessories, and replacement parts that are always available at prices which meet or beat those of our competitors. We'll also be happy to answer any questions you may have via live chat or email.

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