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Quantum Scientific Glass

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Quantum Scientific Glass E-nails, Bowls & Pipes

Quantum Scientific Glass is a highly regarded manufacturer that specializes in a wide range of products that are useful for vaping lovers. Quantum Scientific Glass is based in Hollywood, California and has been in business since 2014. Some of the many types of products that are available through this brand include e-nails, bowls, hand pipes, downstems and water pipes. Quantum Scientific Glass also specializes in accessories such as domes and carb caps. If you want to enjoy a smooth, easy and comfortable vaping journey, this manufacturer has many fantastic product options for you to consider. 

We're big fans of Quantum Scientific Glass' offerings here at Got Vape. That's why we carry the brand's Titen Quattro Hybrid Titanium Nail. These titanium nails can do wonders for your dabbing needs. If you're searching for a nail that can accommodate your concentrate and oil needs to a T, you can't go wrong with a sturdy and high-quality titanium nail like this one. Quantum Scientific Glass' Titen Quattro Hybrid Titanium Nail is extremely durable. If you're tired of the major inconvenience of glass nails that routinely shatter, you'll quickly fall in love with this titanium offering. The Titen Quattro Hybrid Titanium Nail also possesses remarkably strong heating abilities. If you're interested in a nail that offers the benefits of speedy heating, this one is surely right up your alley. These titanium nails are excellent for people who aren't exactly fond of dealing with messy residue, too. If you want to minimize your residue cleanup duties, this Quantum Scientific Glass product may be able to help you do so. Remember, titanium nails generally bring on much less residue than their glass counterparts. 

If you're a routine dabber who is all about convenience, ease and pleasure, Quantum Scientific Glass' Titen Quattro Hybrid Titanium Nail may be a fantastic choice for you. These nails boast superb heat retention abilities. This is another big benefit. If you're someone who likes having the luxury to enjoy your dabs slowly, this product may be able to increase your joy in a significant way.

Variety of Quantum Scientific Glass Products

Although Quantum Scientific Glass produces titanium nails, they also make other types. People can purchase electronic nails that are made by the company. The company's electronic nails also offer vapers many significant conveniences. Some of these conveniences include digital temperature controllers (excellent for those who want to specify their heat wishes), tough coil connectors and thermal couples. 

If you want to know more about the Titen Quattro Hybrid Titanium Nail we have in stock here at Got Vape, don't hesitate for even a minute to reach out to our staff. Got Vape is a trusted and established Southern California website that concentrates on all different kinds of vaping supplies. If you want reliable information that pertains to titanium nails, glass nails, ceramic nails or anything else, we can assist you fully. If you want reliable information that pertains to all other varieties of vaping products, we can aid you completely, too. Got Vape's massive selection of vaping supplies includes e-liquids, portable vaporizers, digital vaporizers, vape pens, sub tanks, concentrate tanks, cartomizers, vapor whips, vape cases, vape mods, grinders and domeless nails. We're proud to say that we genuinely believe in all of the vaping products we offer here. If you're searching for a vaping business that advocates excellent craftsmanship and durability, you can lean on us. 

People who want to learn more about Quantum Scientific Glass and its products can contact our customer service department today. If you want to access all of the greatest options in the vaping world, Got Vape is here to accommodate you.