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The four fantastic flavors by BLVD Premium E-Liquid are perfect for all you vaping enthusiasts who love to taste big bold flavors and blow impressive vapor clouds. These premium blends produce some epic vapor with strong aromas, and the flavors offered by BLVD Premium E-Liquid are robust and intentionally evoke memories of the past. 


Product Description

Each of the BLVD Premium E-Liquid flavors comes in a cool glass bottle containing 30 mL of high quality e-liquid with a flavor profile all its own. You can choose a nicotine level to suit your vaping style and desired potency. Select either 0 mg, 3 mg, or 6 mg of nicotine to create your ideal vaping experience. Each BLVD Premium E-Liquid flavor is themed after a certain classic car, and each bottle depicts a namesake automobile for the tasty flavor it contains. Whether you are a car enthusiast with a passion for vaping, or a vaping enthusiast with a passion for classic cars, the four throwback flavors by BLVD Premium E-Liquid will be right up your alley.

Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid is a carefully balanced blend of artificial and natural flavors that will deliver a big berry blast to your desired vaping experience. This sweet tangy flavor tastes like a sort of crunchy berry breakfast cereal that cannot be specified here. Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid evokes those Saturday mornings, when you started your day with a big bowl of berry crunch and some carefree weekend plans. Packed with a rich aroma that will create some mighty clouds of strong fruit flavor, Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid is an e-liquid that will make you feel like the capable captain of your own vaping experience!

On your very first puff of Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid, you will be blown away by the sweet flavor of your vaping cloud. As the sweetness settles over your taste buds, you will start to find a distinctive berry blend of flavors within the sweet taste. Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry notes all combine into a grand burst of berry flavor that will brighten up your vaping experience from start to finish. This sweet rush of berry taste and fruity aroma makes Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid an ideal e-liquid for lazy summer afternoons, where you can kick off your shoes, relax in the shade, and take in the ripe sweetness of a sun-soaked berry harvest.

You can also choose to start your day with Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid, just like you once started your weekends with a satisfying bowl of crunchy berry breakfast cereal. The sweet intoxicating vapor of this e-liquid flavor is perfect to get you into a great mood to take on the challenges of your adult life. Happy memories might not be a literal flavor note in this e-liquid profile, but once you have tasted the nostalgic berry crunch of Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid, you will definitely be vaping with a smile on your face for weeks to come.

Though BLVD Premium E-Liquid currently produces a total of four unique flavors for your discerning vaping pleasure, Ratrod is quite different from both The Caddy flavor and the Super Sport flavor by BLVD Premium E-Liquid. However, the sweet berry cereal taste of Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid is somewhat akin to the fruity loops taste of its sister flavor, Fastback. If you have already tried out the nostalgic fruity cereal taste of Fastback by BLVD Premium E-Liquid, you are sure to enjoy the voluptuous berry crunch flavor of Ratrod by BLVD Premium E-Liquid.

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    The best choice of the 4 different flavors

    Ratrod is sweet not too sweet and isn't harsh. You get the smoke you need.
    There are 3 other flavors by the same company. Picking any one of them is a good choice.

    I tried the Ratrod in the store and I immediately bought all the flavors. To me the Ratrod is the right one for me.

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