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Imagine the taste of a tall, refreshing cold glass of apple juice and you’ll have an idea of the flavor packed into each bottle of Red Apple Iced by Red’s Apple E-Juice. This premium blend perfectly replicates the taste of crisp, sweet apples that have been juiced to perfection. Its flavor is mellow enough to be vaped all day and bold enough that it lingers pleasantly on the palette for a nostalgic delight you’ll find hard to refuse.


Product Description

Red’s Apple E-Juice rebranded the popular Selfie Sunday E-Juice under this name, and that was an appropriate decision. The apple flavor is so authentic that it can make your mouth tingle with that pleasant sensation you get when eating fresh fruits. It begins with the burst of moist sweetness that apples are known for and then gives way to subtle tart notes as you vape, just the way eating a real apple does. What sets this e-liquid apart, however, is a flavor profile that gives it an element of coolness that is reminiscent of a chilled bottle of apple juice. The overall presentation is refreshing and clean, and the vapor volume is considerable.

Red Apple Iced by Red’s Apple E-Juice benefits from a lengthy steeping process which allows the flavors to blend in a way that allows you to taste both the tart and sweet notes. Steeping by Red’s Apple E-Juice is conducted in specially-designed clean rooms and overseen by professional mixologists who have made the design of premium e-liquids their life’s work. This e-liquid comes in a 60 ml bottle and is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 mg. It is an e-liquid that will especially please those who value flavor as much as nicotine content.

Red’s Apple E-Juice is an imprint of 7 Daze Premium E-Liquid. Based in Los Angeles, the company was formed in 2013 and initially introduced flavors for every day of the week such as Humpday and Monday Blues. The brand is situated in Southern California where the vaping community has a strong presence, and they are able to observe firsthand the preferences of vapers where e-liquids are concerned. 7 Daze takes the feedback of vapers into consideration when designing new flavors, and they realized that Selfie Sunday garnered lots of praise for one thing—it’s authentic apple taste. Red’s Apple E-Juice was born and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Red Apple by Red’s Apple E-Juice is also inspired by Selfie Sunday. It is more reflective in its flavor of the juice boxes that are so popular. Also crisp and sweet, this blend never becomes bitter even when vaped all day. One could even make a strong case that the more you vape it, the more pleasant it becomes. Clearly, this brand has managed to combine exquisite flavor with a unique ability to conjure nostalgic feelings and memories. That is a difficult thing for designers to do, especially with fruit flavors that vapers have tasted many times over. Vapers are looking for something that puts a unique spin on the standard fare, and this brand delivers.

While you are shopping for Red Apple Iced by Red’s Apple E-Juice or other flavors from this brand, take some time to explore our entire inventory of premium tanks and mods. Getting an exciting new e-liquid is a perfect time to consider upgrading your rig, and we have all of the popular vaporizers from the most respected brands in the industry. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have via email. Remember, all orders over $50 ship fast and free to customers in the United States.

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