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Red Clouds Elixir

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Red Clouds E-Juice

Using a vaporizer can be considerably more safe than traditional cigarettes. However, switching over to using just vaporizers can be a daunting task. That is why there have to be options available, and it is the reason there are quality products that have people eager to use their vaporizer. A few options you will find with vaporizer liquid, like the Red Clouds Elixir, is the amount of nicotine, the flavor, the smell, the quality of chemicals used, and even the color of the smoke created!


The Red Clouds Elixir liquid has a mixture of strawberry, raspberry, and a final secret ingredient that gives it a great taste.


This particular vaporizer liquid comes in three standard strengths: 0mg, 6gm, and 12mg. The level of strength is entirely by the consumer's preference. Since there is a version that does not contain any nicotine it can be used to aid in reducing smoking habits, but it will still maintain the motions of regular habitual smoking. There is, of course, the 12mg strength of nicotine version that will pack in enough nicotine to handle any situation!


Both Nectar of the Sun by Red Clouds Elixir and Wartime by Red Clouds Elixir is proud to boast of using VG (Vegetable Glycerin) as the main component of the liquid. In an age where it is important to try and reduce the amount of man-made chemicals that are consumed on a daily basis, the vegetable glycerin component is made up entirely of a plant derived substance, and it is generally more flavorful than those created using harsher chemicals.

Strawberry and Raspberry E-Liquid

Note: There is a PG (Propylene Glycol) listing on the ingredients list. This was put there because there can be some cross contamination during manufacture, and it cannot be guaranteed that there is absolutely no trace of PG in the vapor liquid. It is, however, not an ingredient actively added to this vaporizer liquid.


This liquid comes with all of the bells and whistles. The clouds created by this liquid are big, thick, and red! While the looks of the smoke might not improve the taste, red smoke will definitely catch people's attention. It would be a great vaporizer liquid to use anytime, simply for the flavor, but there has to be something said about the person at the party that is blowing out large clouds of thick red smoke. Given that this liquid comes in a non-nicotine version, it could be used by anyone that wants to be impressive or continue a party theme with their own flare!

All in all, the fruity flavor of this deliciously tasty vaporizer liquid is both environmentally conscience and theatrically dramatic. The big puffs of red smoke, the hints of strawberry and raspberry, and the fact that it uses 100% VG brings this vaporizer liquid to the top of every list. Each of those alone would make an e-liquid amazing, but all three make this one a clear winner in the hearts of vapers.