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Red's Apple EJuice

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  • Apple Berries Iced by Red’s Apple EJuice

    The Apple Berries Iced by Red’s Apple E Juice is an incredible, one of a kind juice. Packed with tangy blueberries, sugary sweet raspberries and refreshing pomegranates it is sure to deliver amazing flavor with each puff. Definitely make sure to add the Apple Berries Iced by Red’s Apple E Juice to your collection.

  • Apple Berries by Red’s Apple EJuice

    Enjoy a mouthwatering fusion of delicious red apples and succulent tart berries with the amazing Apple Berries by Red’s Apple E Juice. Coming in a 60mL bottle it has a nicotine strength of either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg for grand, flavorful clouds. If you are a fan of terrific blueberry, sensational raspberry, tangy raspberry, all paired with a potent sour apple undertone, you’re going to love the Apple Berries by Red’s Apple E Juice.

  • Iced Berries by Red’s Apple EJuice

    Iced Berries by Red’s Apple E Juice is an incredible explosion of flavor, infusing refreshing apples blended with an assortment of juicy mixed berries and a cool menthol finish. It will excite your taste buds! If you are looking for the perfect all day vape then Iced Berries by Red’s Apple E Juice is definitely the right choice for you. Make sure to get it today!


Red Apple E-Juice

Red Apple by Red’s Apple E-Juice is a sweet and tart celebration of fresh apples that evokes the goodness of a refreshing juice box. It authentically delivers the aroma and taste of ripened apples in a way that is mellow enough for all-day vaping. The vapor volume of this premium e-juice is voluminous and it is perfect for use in your favorite sub tank.

The team at 7 Daze Premium E-Liquid rebranded their popular Selfie Sunday e-juice to reflect its delightful apple flavor. Vapers have given it high ratings and reviews for the way it captures the genuine essence of ripe apples, and many have proclaimed it to be the most authentic apple-inspired e-liquid on the market. It begins with a sweetness that reflects the taste of pure apple juice before giving way to flavor notes that are slightly tart. The overall blend is smooth on the throat and palette, and it fits a variety of situations. You can vape it during the day for a nice change of pace, and it goes well after a meal with friends in the evening.

Red Apple by Red’s Apple E-Juice accomplishes its perfection thanks to a complex steeping process. The skilled mixologists who developed the flavor have many years of combined experience in the creation of e-juices that are able to redefine well-known flavors. It is especially difficult to create a great fruit-flavored e-liquid because there are so many on the market, and in many cases it is difficult to tell them apart. The flavor of this premium e-juice is distinct enough that it is instantly recognizable. It comes in 60 ml bottles with a dropper and is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 mg.

If you prefer a taste that is a little bit cooler, Red Apple Iced by Red’s Apple E-Juice delivers the same essential flavor in a way that is more reflective of a cold bottle of apple juice. It is mouth-watering in a way that you’ll instantly associate with pure juice, and it leaves no unpleasant aftertaste. While both e-liquids are based on the same basic flavor, there is a noticeable difference between the two. Red Apple Iced is more tart while Red Apple is slightly more sweet.

Red Apple & 7 Daze E-Liquid

Red’s Apple E-Juice is based in Los Angeles, California and is an imprint of the popular 7 Daze Premium E-Liquid. Their position in the heart of Southern California’s vaping community gives them a unique perspective on what vapers appreciate in a premium e-juice. They employ professionals that labor over every stage of the manufacturing process and pay attention to the small, but important, details. One hallmark of the brand is that they use USP Kosher Food Grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin to produce their products and eliminate many of the chemicals that are found in other e-juices. The finest raw materials are sourced from the best suppliers in North America, and each recipe is tested and perfected so that it can meet the brand’s strict standards. All bottles of Red’s Apple E-Juice are compliant with industry-standard certifications of production and are steeped in specially-designed clean rooms that are kept in pristine condition.

While you are shopping for Red Apple by Red’s Apple E-Juice, take some time to browse our large selection of premium tanks, mods, and vaping accessories. An e-liquid this flavorful merits the consideration of a new vaporizer. You deserve to treat yourself! We also have all the replacement parts you need to keep your rig in top shape. If you have any questions about this e-liquid or any of our other products, please feel free to contact our friendly customer service staff and we’ll be happy to help.