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REM Creations Tanks

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REM Creations is based out of Orange County, California, and you'll be able to get an innovative device with high-quality materials. The company offers a build tutorial on their website to provide the information needed for vapers to build their own units using sound and tested techniques. The company even goes so far as to provide you with information on their preferred build, and they list all of the components you need to get the right system.

REM Creations RDA History and Culture

The company offers articles available through their website, and they believe in helping their customers get the most out of their builds. The company is well-known for some of its creations, including the highly successful SMPL Mod (V1). The company specializes in creating small mods with a short profile that are designed to be taken anywhere. Despite the small form-factor, you'll still get outstanding vapor from these tiny units. The company also has a feature on their website to check the authenticity of your product.

The company maintains an attitude that places a high emphasis on originality, functionality and practicality of their units. Through continual research and development, the company is able to provide superior products that take your vaping experience to a whole new level. 

Social Media Presence of REM Creations

REM Creations has an active social media presence. The company can be found on both Facebook and Instagram. Facebook offers articles and pictures that vapers should find enjoyable. The company also posts articles and newsworthy information that applies to the vaping community. For a more graphical overview of the company and its offerings, you can visit their Facebook page to enjoy a visual tapestry of vaporizer products and accessories. Instagram also offers a chance to view the products in real-life practical applications.

REM Tank Components and Products

The company has an eclectic blend of mods and RDA units that are designed to give you a unique vaping experience that you'll treasure. Your friends will remember too, as these products boast a thrilling design that makes it possible to enjoy the perfect combination of form, function and aesthetic beauty. The company offers three main product options to choose from, which includes the REMmod 18350 Tube, the REMmod and the REMatty. 

Each device offers a compact design and excellent functionality so you can enjoy a powerful vaping session virtually anywhere. The REMmod uses an innovative design with a direct battery atomizer 510 connection. The device features a no top cap design as well and it's made out of a single piece of tubing. The REMmod 18350 is even more compact, and it's a simple, easily configurable device that is a breeze to use. The devices are made with a stainless steel construction for exceptional durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.

REMentry RDA

The REMentry is designed to accentuate your style with a host of cool colors. Choose from a blue, green, pink or turquoise finish getting the styling you want. This product has a well that is deep, and it's capable of providing you with superior flavor and vapor. The top of the unit was expertly designed to give you easy access to the well for the purpose of re-dripping. The unit is designed to achieve high temperatures with ease, and you'll enjoy excellent airflow with the intelligent design of the unit. 

The low-profile design uses standard Philip head screws, which makes it easy for you to use standard tools to access the unit. The tank is also made with high-quality grade 304 stainless steel materials with a 22mm diameter for use with the components you want.