Cloud Electro Replacement Titanium Nail by Cloud V


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The Cloud Electro Replacement Titanium Nail is a performance enhancing, contemporary replacement nail that features a 16mm diameter titanium dish.


Product Description

Delivering smooth, refreshing draws this nail is sure to improve your vaping experience. Build from durable materials, this nail is made to last. For the best possible performance, it is recommended to change the nail every two or three months, depending on how often you use them. To preheat your nail, you can activate the nail by clicking the home button rapidly two times in a row. When the temperature starts to raise, click twice as soon as it gets to 300-400°F to pause the heating. Click twice to restart heating. Cleaning the Cloud Electro Replacement Titanium Nail is a breeze. While cleaning make sure you never make direct contact with the nail while in use. It is recommended to wait 15 to 20 minutes for it to be completely cooled down before cleaning the nail and wear protective gloves for safety. Using the gtip and rubbing alcohol, clean the residue off the nail and make sure to clean the threading on the bottom of the nail as well as battery to avoid any connection issues. Essential to getting the best tasting, performance enhancing sessions, the Cloud Electro Replacement Titanium Nail is the perfect addition to the collection.

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