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    <p>This vaporizer my friend passed it on to me after receiving it from a friend of his. At this point, our only vaporizing experience was with my Hot Box, and Volcano.</p><p>The heat-up time is wonderful, but I'm not such a fan of the angled design. I've found that this increases the risk of the -hbl- remedy making direct contact with the heating element, thereby risking burning, which defeats the purpose of vaporizers in the first place. Overall the unit was satisfying, but it's not the best vape experience around. For the price you can beat the performance!</p><p>I do own the Volcano, so I think why my standards are so high when it comes to vaporizing. Some cons about this unit in my opinion would have to pertain to the warranty, only 90 days is not enough time for someone to have a unit start acting up and being able to get assistance with it. If I could recommend this unit to a friend I most likely would, but it would only be for the simple reason its cost friendly.</p>

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