4 pc Space Case Grinder Large Magnet 89mm
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4 pc Space Case Grinder Large Magnet 89mm

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    Space Case

    I selected a this grinder so my vaporizing material stays fresh and all the oils, pollen and flavors remain as a collective This grinder does an amazing job at grinding my material down to a nice coarse consistency which I find most desirable when vaporizing, it provides good air circulation which allows for proper vapor cloud conditions. If material is ground too finely than it may vaporize and fall through the stainless steel screens, creating an unnecessary mess. If the material is too chunky than the air circulation will become too contracted and you will experience a hot spot while vaporizing and that can lead to combustion. Hot spot is when all the hot air is focused through one spot vaporizing it fast, leaving the surrounding diameter unvaporized. The magnets keep both top and bottom together and are great so theres no need to worry about your material falling out.The teeth instantly shred through anything in its path, I never have to apply extra elbow grease to get through difficult, and dense material. All the motion required is in a couple flicks of my wrists

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