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Vapir VaporMatic Deluxe Vaporizer Top

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    I still love my toaster vape

    A few years ago, I received a gift from my daughter. It was a vapormatic vaporizer. I was a newbie to the vapor game. I honestly have used my vapormatic at least 10 times a month. It still works fine and I never had a reason to want a new vaporizer. I have to admit, that the newer NO2 looks tempting, but I am fine with my beloved toaster looking vaporizer. Well recently I lost one of the main pieces for the vapormatic, It was my vapormatic top. Well there isn't any vaping for me without the top. I tried calling Vapir and I'm not sure why, but I was on hold for what seemed like forever. So I kept looking on google and it brought me to got vape. I was so happy to be able to get a replacement top for my vapormatic. I will keep riding this vape till the wheels fall off, but it is great to know I can get parts for an older vaporizer like the vapormatic.

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