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Easy Vape Digital 5.0 Vaporizer

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    Looks nice...

    I've been vaporizing for over 5 years now and this is the worst one I've used or purchased. There are a few major draw backs. The heating element is recessed back into the unit and slightly upwards which means all your -hb- falls onto it when you don't keep constant suction. When you are hitting it, the -hb- flies all around inside the whip, which wouldn't be a problem, except the screen doesn't sit flush and a large amount pulls through and into your mouth, or filtration device. If you hold the unit upside down during use it reduces the amount it pulls through, but it doesn't supply an even heat source to your -hb- so some yellows while some blackens. I bought this as a digital step up to my Hotbox, but I used it twice, then went back to my Hotbox. Inferior product. I would have returned it but I threw out the box. O well.

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