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Easy Vape Digital 5.0 Vaporizer

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    It's not that great

    I'm sorry.. I really wanted to like this but it sucks. I've had a standard handheld vape for years.. It's a bit run down so I decided to replace it. I don't like the hands free whip.. The bowl on it is way too big so you to use all your -hb- to fill it up otherwise you'll get zero vape. I also do not like the timer feature.. It's set to shut off after one hour and the vape doesn't work well unless it's super hot.. Right when it gets to where I want it... Damn thing shuts off. Wtf?? My crap standard vaporizer stayed on all day.. Small bowl so you don't have to suck as hard just trying to heat up your -hb- and it never shuts off forcing you to wait all over again. If I could just get that timer to stop working it might be better. Grabbing my old vape back out of the closet.. Waste of money. :-(

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