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    Horrible Product

    Bought this itme on 12-1-12, used it for 23 days, it quit working. Seems no connection, and unable to charge. OK, was told it's the battery. The place I bought it replaced it and all was good. Good for about 2 hours when the new one did about the same thing. This time where the attachment met the battery, when you unsrewed the battery piece came out with it. In order to MAKE it work you have to back off the attacment so it can make connection. Now remember when your charge is gone, your done. You will never be able to charge cuz the battery and charger are not connecting. It's funny how the establisment I bought it from backed out the attachment and told my husband it worked, my husband knew no better. Again battery issue. I do not recommend this product. I ended up taking it back to the establishment and laying it on their counter and advising them and their rep James Tantillo to use it! I paid $152.00 OTD for the luxury kit, a TOTAL waste of money, although, I bought it just for them to use ;)

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