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Sutra Vaporizer Essential Oil Adapter

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    Adapter issues!

    I love my Sutra Vape pen, it's small, the battery life is great, and the price is right!During the Holidays I purchased 2 pens, and as I use these to vape e-, I bought 8 of these cartridges. I vape a lot of different flavored e-s, and like to dedicate carts so it's easy to switch out.While I give massive props for the design on this cart (wickless, fills in seconds) there seems to be a pretty serious issue I've run into within 7 weeks of owning these.They are cracking, the plastic cart is cracking. Right down the sides, vertically.Now, I can see where you may point the finger at me, saying I am mishandling the carts.But I can assure you I am gentle and purposeful when using them. They aren't cheap, and I want them to last. If simply removing the cap-top and then placing it back on the cart can crack the plastic (I have 3 that are damaged beyond use) in a few weeks, then I feel this was a poor investment!!Again, the Sutra battery itself is great. I've had no issue with the Sutra Vaporizer attachments. Just the Essential Oil adapter.It really is bugging me, as less than 2 months use shouldn't leave me with 3 unuseable carts! That's $30!

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