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Wulf Vape SX Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

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    Product and Service leave much to be desired

    There is much better out there people, and combine that with the ditzy, useless service from this company all results in a truly dreadful experience. Of course, it just may be that their email/internet is just down another couple weeks! (what a way to operate a business). Anyhow, I finally had to give up as I was getting very limited support. I was told over the phone that this unit has always had a problem with the pc board apparently, and so it was no surprise to them the problems out of the box and they explained of the issues. Of course they still expect you to return it now, even though they admit it's a KNOWN problem with the board. Now seriously, how much can the rest of this unit actually cost that they would expect you to return this unit. They also will charge you for returning after all this. They of course now will advise you to make sure you clean it properly prior to shipment.
    If this isn't a scam at taking advantage of customers, I don't know what is. What an absolute horrible way to treat your customer over a KNOWN problem like this. I got a night n' day difference in customer service elsewhere. Of course, all it takes is tin cans and a string to have better communication, and I ended up purchasing a Da Vinci. OMG, like there is ANY comparison between the two units. Anyhow, two good pieces of advice included in this review. Take it or leave it.

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