Extreme Q Vaporizer Glass Tuff Bowl
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Extreme Q Vaporizer Glass Tuff Bowl

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    My Tuff Bowl Has Saved Me $!

    I have an extreme q which I think rules. I love the 3 way use. Get your head out of the gutter I mean by whip, bag, and the aroma dish. But let's be honest the whip gets the most use. I have broken both my original cyclone bowls and I was starting to slow down on using my extreme in fear of losing another cyclone bowl. Luckily I went on Got Vape and seen that they had this thing called a tuff bowl, which I have never seen at any store I go to and I go to all the shops in my area. I snatched up one right away off of this website. I have dropped that thing like 20 times on hard ground as well and it is in great shape still like it was new. If that were a regular cyclone bowl I would be screwed. Thumbs up for this accessory, and remember it still gets hot even with the protective coating. Those original bowls get really hot though. So if you use your Q like I do. I recommend this piece.

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