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The Concentrate Kit by Revival Vaporizer is a helpful offering for people who enjoy dense concentrates and oils. If you're looking for a smooth and highly enjoyable vaporization session, this convenient wax pen kit can provide you with all the necessary elements. These include an efficient vaporizer mod, magnetic adapter rings and a cartridge. The mod is equipped with a battery that's built-in, too. The 2.5 inch vaporizer is simultaneously compact and strong.


Product Description

The Concentrate Kit by Revival Vaporizer can be a intelligent starter kit for avid oil concentrate fans. If you buy this trusted dab pen kit, you'll be able to enjoy the convenience of a Lithium-ion USB (Universal Serial Bus) battery that's rechargeable. This 650 mAh battery is built-in. You'll be able to enjoy the smooth sailing of pass-through charging, too. This wax pen kit can be a strong kit choice for people who like to take care of cartridge filling duties all by themselves. It can also be a good kit, however, for people who prefer the ease of cartridges that are pre-filled. If you want access to a magnetic cartridge attachment that's a breeze to operate, you can't go wrong with this in-depth concentrate kit and all of its available components. 

If you buy Revival Vaporizer's Wax Pen Kit, you'll get a variety of indispensable pieces. You'll get the battery mod, first and foremost. You'll also get a USB charging cable, an atomizer cartridge tank that's completely empty, a gift box, a magnetic cartridge adapter and a user manual. This manual can address any questions you may have regarding appropriate and efficient use of this concentrate kit. 

Using this dab pen kit is far from a taxing or stressful process. That's why it's loved by so many vaping fans everywhere. All you have to do is connect a magnetic adapter ring to a concentrate or oil cartridge, insert it fully and start. That's honestly as complicated as the process gets. The cartridges connect magnetically.

You shouldn't be fooled by the compact appearance of the vaporizer in this set. Although there's no disputing that this unit is tiny, it's amazingly strong. If you're searching for vaporization sessions that never let you down, you can't top this device.

If you're looking to savor a vaping journey that's 100 percent serious and pleasurable, it's no secret that this dab pen can help you do so. Revival Vape is an acclaimed California-based manufacturer that focuses on concentrates and essential oils. If you're shopping for starter kits, cartridges or magnetic adapter rings, this trusted brand can undoubtedly cater to your wishes. Got Vape is a reputable Southern California company that supplies vaping enthusiasts with many options in top-tier products. If you want to learn about Revival Vape, we can aid you. We can give you helpful details that can maximize your time with the Concentrate Kit. If you want to learn how to employ any of the specific parts of this starter kit, just say the word. We can give you product advice that's dependable, accurate and clear.

Revival Vape is a praised manufacturer of compact vaporization units. It also makes accessories such as cartridges and magnetic adapter rings. Revival Vape is located in California. 

We sell many strong OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts here at Got Vape. If you're searching for quality spare oil cartridges for your Concentrate Kit by Revival Vaporizer, we can assist you. We specialize in vaping replacement pieces that are sturdy, resilient and wonderfully crafted. We're not just a company that concentrates on starter kits and replacement items, however. That's because we also carry a dazzling assortment of digital vaporizers, e-liquids, concentrate tanks, custom cases, sub ohm tanks, desktop vaporizers and domeless nails. Reach out to Got Vape today for more information.

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