Revolution Dart Essential Oil Adapter Kit by Thermo-Essence

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The Revolution Dart Essentail Oil Adapter Kit for ThermoVape is a premium addition to the ThermoVape T1 base, which is the primary battery base in the Thermo-Essence line of personal vaporizers. This adapter is perfectly suited for essential oils and high purity botanical concentrates.


Product Description

It has an integrated loading tool and a reusable Revolution cartridge along with an interface piece that connects the adapter to the modular base. It's made with top-grade materials and has an elegant design.

The Revolution Dart Essentail Oil Adapter Kit for ThermoVape transforms any ThermoVape device into a Revolution Dart model. Each of the ThermoVape models uses the same T1 base unit, so the addition of an adapter kit like this is perfect for expanding the utility of your existing ThermoVape device. The Revolution Dart model is the line's answer for those who prefer essential oils or high purity botanical concentrates. Since the devices use a modular style of construction, the existing atomizer component of your ThermoVape can easily be swapped out.

This vaporizer from Thermo-Essence Technologies is one of the most powerful and versatile in its field. When the adapter is attached to the battery base, the entire device is less than 6 inches long and 1 inch wide. With the batteries included in the base, it weighs only 3 ounces, making it incredibly unnoticeable when carried in a pocket or purse. It only takes the atomizer roughly 10 seconds to heat up when used with the T1 base, and the heating coil is made from medical-grade ceramic.

This adapter kit is entirely mechanical and has no circuitry that can malfunction. When paired with the T1 base, it uses two rechargeable and replaceable batteries, and it comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. The adapter itself is easily cleaned by boiling in water or soaking in alcohol, so there is no need for any tough scrubbing or harsh chemicals. The device is insulated with a polymer called Delrin, which makes it much more durable and long-lasting. The Dart comes with an integrated loading or dab tool, which is where the device gets its name. The reloadable and reusable Revolution cartridge uses an m510 connection to attach to the interface piece that connects the T1 base to the rest of the atomizer.

Our selection at includes a number of Thermo-Essence vaporizer replacement parts, including the Thermo Vaporizer by Thermo-Essence. That is the base device in their line of ThermoVapes. It comes with the T1 base and the T1 atomizer, which is a dry herb convection atomizer. The Revolution Dart Essentail Oil Adapter Kit for ThermoVape is able to work with this premium vaporizer to offer more utility than the T1 offers alone.

Our inventory also includes the Revolution Essential Oil Adapter Kit by Thermo-Essence, which is nearly identical to the Revolution Dart Essential Oil Adapter Kit, except it does not include the integrated loading tool. Instead, the device uses a small loading window in the cartridge that swivels aside for easy loading. Both adapters are made with the same premium aerospace-grade metals and machined with amazing precision.

Any vape user who enjoys a range of source materials would do well to consider this adapter kit as a way to reach out to the field of essential oils and high purity botanical concentrates. It's perfect for those who already own a ThermoVape device of any other sort, and those who don't should take a closer look at their products. You'll be sure to find something that suits your needs, and their modular design allows you to mix and match components as you require. We at have all the Thermo-Essence parts and accessories you need.

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