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The Revolution Essential Oil Vaporizer was introduced to the vaping market at the beginning of 2012 and has been very highly rated among consumers in the vaping community. This vaping device has a super-fast heat up time of about five seconds or at the most, ten seconds and uses convection based heating technology which means the transfer of heat within your unit is all done via air, aka without a flame or heating coil of any kind so there's no way to burn yourself.


Product Description

The Revolution Essential Oil Vaporizer is conveniently battery-operated and well-constructed of metal and plastic materials of the highest quality. The dimensions of the Revolution Essential Oil Vaporizer are as follows: it measures 4.375" long, 5.375" high and 4.375" wide. The power requirements for this device is a traditional and easily replaceable 100v rechargeable lithium ion battery which is included with the purchase of the vaporizer and uses a standard 100v charger. The lithium ion batteries have a decently fast charge time, too.

The Revolution Essential Oil Vaporizer is manufactured by ThermoVape. The device is made entirely in the USA and exclusively manufactured with only FDA certified components. Color choices for this vaporizer are Black or White.

The Revolution Essential Oil Vaporizer also works extremely well with vaporization of botanical concentrates. The vaping technology used in this device enable delivery of amazing flavor and incredibly dense vapor from your favorite essential oils and other essences. This device is 100% American made and is manufactured with only the highest quality, medical grade components. The Revolution Essential Oil Vaporizer is the ultimate in portable vaping devices.

Using an essential oil vaporizer makes the oil molecules become airborne. This does two things: it triggers our limbic systems via nasal inhalation, and it allows our lungs to absorb the oils when we breathe in the vaporized oils, which is the whole point of using a vaporizer. When we smell the essential oil vapor, different things happen mentally and physically. For example, inhaling vaporized lavender essential oil has been proven (with an EEG) that alpha brainwaves increase when the lavender is smelled and as a result, causes us to relax. Jasmine oil increases alertness while nutmeg oil reduces stress. So not only do you get the benefit of a pleasant smelling room, there are many pleasant effects as a result of vaporizing and inhaling essential oils.

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