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Ring Dropz E-Liquid

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Ring Dropz E-Juice

Do you remember those huge ring pops you used to get? The kind that were literally a ring with a lollipop on them - you'd wear them around for most of the day and, if you were smart, they wouldn't be covered in dirt by the time you were halfway done with them (but who are we kidding, that happened to everyone). If you want to feel like you're vapingpure nostalgia, you'll be doing yourself a favor and traveling back in time if you try Ring Dropz eliquid. This flavor is so true to those old candy rings that just about everyone remembers so fondly that you'll feel like you're right back on the playground. 

Flavor Profile of Ring Dropz Eliquid

Ring Dropz eliquid comes in two distinctly memorable flavors: blue raspberry and strawberry watermelon, just like ring pops used to. We'll examine both of these flavors, but let's start with the blue raspberry variety first.

Blue Raspberry by Ring Dropz E-Liquid can provide you with a rich and mildly tart vape. You'll definitely get more than a hint of raspberry flavor from this eliquid, so even if you weren't a big fan of ring pops as a kid, it's worth giving a try if you love fruit flavored vapes. A lot of people complain that some eliquids just don't have enough flavor - it isn't strong enough, it feels weak, whatever the case may be - but this definitely won't be the case with Ring Dropz. In addition to the distinct taste of blue raspberry, you'll also get hints of sweetness. Sweet vapes can be overpowering, but Ring Dropz struck a great balance here.

Next up from Ring Dropz is the strawberry watermelon flavor. Whether or not it's supposed to be a ring pop is almost irrelevant - the manufacturer really nailed a great balance. If you drip this eliquid on a clean coil, you're going to be absolutely blown away by the surprisingly complex flavor profile. Yes, we know, it's supposed be a candy flavor, but you'll genuinely be shocked at how deep it is. You'll be able to tell immediately that you're getting both strawberry and watermelon flavors - each of which is strong and rich. These two fruit flavors blend together to make a truly exceptional vape. The strawberry watermelon flavor also has a hint of sweetness, and that's really what gives it that uniquely ring pop type taste.

Ring Dropz: Nostalgic and Delicious

It's rare to find an eliquid manufacturer that takes the time and experimentation necessary to recreate a flavor as genuinely as possible. Ring Dropz clearly did their homework on this one, because both varieties of Ring Drops - both blue raspberry and strawberry watermelon - are very true to life. If you can manage to find a ring pop (yes, they do still exist, and we have very little doubt that they were utilized somewhere in Ring Dropz's research phase for this juice), pick one up and compare it to this eliquid. You'll be stunned at how true to life this vape is.

An E-Liquid You Won't Forget

Ring Dropz eliquid brings you back to when you had a ring pop dangling off of your finger - they always did make the ring part a little too big. You'll be able to pick up this eliquid in 30 milliliter bottles, and nicotine levels range from 0 to 6. One flavor isn't particularly better than the other - they're both really, really good. Get one of each and do a little vape-inspired time travel today.