Rocket Man by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid

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Are you ready to blast off into another stratosphere of delicious E-Liquid taste that will send your taste buds soaring into another dimension where the sound of Elton John's greatest hits can be heard blaring out into the edges of the universe? Yes? Okay then! If that sounds like an utterly fabulous trip into another parallel universe to you, then you need to try Rocket Man by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid immediately!


Product Description

This incredible E-Liquid taste is much more than a one hit wonder. 

Rocket Man by One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is a taste sensation who's time has come. It's a refreshing blend of tart and light Greek yogurt taste, sprinkled with freshly picked blueberries and the savory, crunchy taste of freshly baked granola. This E-Liquid is a satisfying taste sensation that brings on a palate cleansing freshness that goes on through every exhale. It's a stratospheric taste experience that will blast your taste buds off into orbit in a whole new dimension of flavor. 

How did this skyrocketing great taste come together in a deliciously tasty E-Juice? It all came about due to the fine curatorial craftsmanship of the team manning the kitchen at One Hit Wonder E-Liquid. This amazing E-Juice was developed using only the very finest ingredients available anywhere, including TruNic 100% USA Grown and Extracted Liquid Nicotine, for a taste and a feeling that will truly ignite your senses from ignition on through blast off!

The One Hit Wonder Team is dedicated to bringing about the best possible taste combination through the wonder of their flavor choices and their unique blending style. These flavors are mixed and blended and tasted and then blended and tasted again, until a surefire taste sensation is ultimately achieved. 

This incredibly delicious vape taste comes in 180ml squeeze bottles, and comes in your choice of nicotine levels. You decide how you want to enter orbit, and at what level.

The taste of Rocket Man One Hit Wonder E-Liquid is so enticingly delicious, it will make many a vape want to start colonizing a new civilization in outer space. Yes, it's that good! Would it really work to exist in another space and time continuum, away from the pleasure and comforts of the earthly field? No one really knows, but another taste of Rocket Man One Hit Wonder E-Liquid will ease those worries until a solution can be found. Yes, it's that good.

Is it time to plan for a way of life on Mars or other planets far far away? Order up on Rocket Man One Hit Wonder E-Juice to find the answer, now. At least if the answer isn't forthcoming, you'll have plenty of juice to vape in the meantime.

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