Rocket Pop by Bomb Pop E-Liquid


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Rocket Pop by Bomb Pop E-liquid brings back the flavor of a classic summer popsicle treat. As you vape, you feel like you are laying by the pool in the summer time heat. Its flavor is reminiscient of the red, white, and blue icy rocket-shaped popsicle treats that are a summertime favorite. This creamy mix of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry blend together into the ultimate popsicle and vaping experience experience. You can enjoy all the delicious fruitiness of the bomb pop without the brain freeze in an all day vaping aromatic experience. 


Product Description

Crispy clean citrus flavors mixed with creamy sugary goodness of a popsicle, Rocket Pop delivers on its promises. A nice addition to the summer time experience or an relaxing afternoon experience, this vape flavor will leave you feeling calm with its well blended smoothness all day. This flavor is great as an all day vape, even with a few drops of menthol. This refreshing vape flavor tastes exactly like its popsicle counterpart. This flavor is so sweet with a hint of tanginess from the citrus mixture that you will feel like you are eating the Rocket Pop straight out of the freezer. 

Rocket Pop delivers a smooth, crisp, cool flavor that smells and tastes scrumptious, leaving those around you smelling the sweet vapors of the cool creamy Rocket Pop. It blends together the fruit and creamy flavors well for a vape flavor that draws people in with the sweet smelling aroma that brings back the summer days. Rocket Pop is a flavor that is truly ready to become a favorite. 

Bomb pop has done an excellent job in creating this summertime flavor in an ultimate vaping experience. This flavor makes for a nice fluffy clouds and flavorful aroma and delivers on the taste that is promised by the name. The deliciousness of this flavor is apparent on your first puff, and the flavor delivers what you expect of a Rocket Pop inspired. It tastes like a Rocket Pop in your mouth without the side effects of stained teeth and brain freeze. 

Bomb Pop delivers a flavor that true vape conisseurs will love. The truly gifted blend is smooth, well-balanced and intense. The mixture of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry doesn't disappoint. Rocket Pop gives the vaping experience of a cool, calm relaxing afternoon and is suitable for all day. For those who wish for a citrus flavor with a mix of creaminess, Rocket Pop delivers on each puff.

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