Rolo Pod System Starter Kit by SMOK


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This innovative, smart-looking pod system starter kit serves as your badge for vaping. It is actually shaped like a badge, which can be the emblem of your style. It looks very interesting and it will definitely capture your interest, as well as that of your friends and vaping buddies. Use it at parties or anywhere you may be. With the Rolo Pod System Starter Kit by SMOK in your hand, you’re practically licensed to vape.


Product Description

This device is small and stealthy. It perfectly fits the palm of your hand and you’ll feel comfortable holding it. It weighs a mere 62 grams and has a battery capacity of 250 mAh. Its pod can carry as much as 2 ml of e-juice. Use this device and enjoy a smoother, more distinct flavor in every draw.

The Rolo Pod System Starter Kit by SMOK comes in many color schemes. It is made with zinc alloy body with the mouthpiece, pod, and filling slot in the upper part of the vaporizer. The lower body contains the built-in battery, LED indicator and micro USB port. Simply charge the battery through the USB port if it runs out.

Rolo Pod System Starter Kit by SMOK can guarantee you of a very smooth vaping experience. It is also very easy to use because you need not press anything to get it working. Simply insert the pod into the device and that’s it. No need to fuss around displays or voltages. It’s convenient, uncomplicated operation is one of its main features.

This device is equipped with two filling slots on the pod, and they make refilling very easy. You need not worry about leakage, and you don’t have to change pods as frequently. When you fill the pod with e-liquid, don’t inhale immediately into the device. You have to let the kit stand for two to three minutes to get the organic cotton saturated. Once that’s done, you’re ready to vape.

SMOK has a wide array of vaporizers, starter kits, and accessories on the market. For this device, you can purchase extra Rolo Badge Pods 3pk by SMOK for a continuous, hassle-free vaping experience. You may also check out the other starter kits offered by SMOK as you might find them equally suitable for your needs. Some of your other choices are the Vape Pen 22 Kit by SMOK and the PRIV One All In One Starter Kit by SMOK.

While shopping for the Rolo Pod System Starter Kit by SMOK, be sure to check out our other products, such as e-juices that you can use with your device. We also carry other starter kits, as well as compatible accessories. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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