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Would Teddy Roosevelt, author, statesman, environmentalist and 26th President of the United States, endorse an E-Liquid named after him? Yes indeedy-do, he would! Roosevelt was an energetic and brilliant scholar and athlete who served as President from 1901 to 1909, and was the force behind the founding of America's National Park System. Teddy was a man who enjoyed a good fight and a good smoke, which is why he'd be a force behind an exquisitely flavorful E-Juice named after him.


Product Description

Roosevelt by Dead Presidents E-Liquid is a scrumptiously delicious E-Juice flavor that brings all the wit and verve of this one of a kind American legend into its mixture. Roosevelt by Dead Presidents E-Liquid tastes just like a fluffy lemon meringue pie, in all its lip-smacking deliciousness. The down home taste of this E-Juice combines the flavor of a shortbread pastry crust, baked to perfection, with a lemon custard filling that's covered with a fluffy meringue. Bully! Vaping never tasted so good!

There's a reason why this American legend had his portrait sculpted onto Mt. Rushmore, and that's because Roosevelt was a man of incredible taste and originality, just like the flavor of his very own E-Liquid from the Dead Presidents brand. 

The luscious liquid taste of the Roosevelt E-Juice flavor is one so scrumptious, vapers will be coming back for more and more and then more. That's because this E-Juice was carefully crafted in the curatorial kitchens of the Dead Presidents brand central E-Liquid headquarters. 

The mixers of these fine Presidential blends don't mess around when it comes to quality and flavor. These incredible E-Liquids are blended carefully by the mix-masters at Dead Presidents, with careful consideration given to finding the best possible ingredients and putting them together in a way that highlights their taste and finish. These liquids are blended and tasted, blended and tasted and tested and then tasted again, to ensure that these flavors hold up beautifully over days and weeks of vaping enjoyment.

Yes, there's plenty of work that goes into creating these flavors, but isn't that what the progressive Roosevelt presidency was all about? We're talking about an American icon who stood up to the big banks and all those who would stand in the way of the path towards American greatness, so why should a flavor named after him be anything less than great?

When it's time to put on a rough riding hat and lead the troops into the battle for a great E-Liquid experience, it's time to double down on a bottle or two or three of Roosevelt by Dead Presidents E-Liquid.

This delicious E-Liquid Flavor comes in 15ml and 30ml bottles, and your choice of nicotine levels from 0mg to 6mg, 9mg and 12mg, for the rough riding level of your desire. Order up today. Bully!

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