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The bakery trend in e-liquids doesn't appear to be letting up and now Gemini has entered the fray with this confectionary concoction that will have lovers of this trend swooning. It's a banana bread cooked with pecans and drizzled with butter that will satisfy your cravings for a rich new flavor profile. 


Product Description

It's an e-liquid guaranteed to give your vaping the royal treatment.

During the holidays it's common for people to bake and give away various fruit breads, and banana bread is a popular favorite because it takes bananas at the peak of their ripeness and sweetness. A fresh-baked bread is a comforting treat that comes from the heart. Experience the same warm feeling when you use this e-liquid that captures that same oven-fresh taste.

At once wholesome and decadent, this e-liquid offers an intriguing twist on traditional banana bread. All the home-baked goodness is there but the new addition is in the caramelized pecans in place of walnuts. The creamy decadence of butter pecan ice cream is the surprise flavor you'll taste when you vape this e-liquid. It's a fabulous mix of the homey and the heavenly. You'll taste the bananas, the sugar and the moist bread with the overlay of scrumptious buttered pecans. It's a cake that's fit for a king.

Royalty is the perfect vape for winding down after a long day. Kick off your shoes and sink into its cozy embrace. It's the perfect e-liquid for taking with a cup of warm tea or a mug of milk. Think of it as a dessert vape you can sample all day long.

The banana is dominant, and on the inhale you'll get just a trace of banana and a predominant flavor of the roasted, sweetened nuts. As you continue to vape the cake flavor comes in and on the exhale you get intense banana and butter. Royalty produces a vapor that will instantly evoke scents of a family kitchen where your mother or grandmother whipped up these fruity treats.

Fans of fruit flavors will enjoy this for the pure banana flavor, and anyone who loves bakery or dessert e-liquids will not be able to put it down. The freshness of the fruit and nuts cuts the sweetness and keeps the smoothness. This is an e-liquid that will appeal to many different vapers.

Royalty will make you feel as pampered as the name suggests. It's the banana bread you would bake for somebody you want to feel truly special and above all it's a great gift to yourself. 

Royalty is made by craft e-liquid manufacturer Gemini Vapors. The flavor was designed by renowned vape distiller Philip Rocke. Whether they're pure one-note flavors or delectable combinations like this, Rocke's creations are always memorable. Royalty is a good choice if you're looking to combine your love of dessert vapes with your desire to try an upscale e-liquid. 

Royalty comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. It has no color dye and no diacetyl.

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