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What is a RTA?

What are RTA Tanks?

A Rebuildable Tank Atomizers or RTAs is an rebuildable atomizer that utilizes a tank section. Combining the convenience of a tank with the versatility of a build deck, it houses wicking channels and a chimney that connects the build deck to the top cap of the atomizer, a glass or plastic tank and drip tip. Most Rebuildable Tank Atomizers utilize adjustable airflow options that allow the user to modify the way air hits the coils inside of the deck for a more customizable experience.

With countless options for coil configurations and a variety of tank capacities for your favorite e-liquids, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers such as the Wismec Theorem RTA, just might be the optimal choice for your vape tanks, offering top convenience, performance and control of your vaporizer.

The Anatomy of a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are made of a few components; the Drip Tip, the Tank, the Chimney, the Post and the Build Deck.

A Drip Tip is the little hollow mouthpiece used instead of cartridges and cartomizers. When using a Drip Tip, you have to pour or drip the e-liquid directly into the atomizer, so you don’t need to fill or remove anything. At great affordable prices, Drip Tips are both handy and economic.

The Tanks the compartment of your RTA where your juice is going to be stored. Utilizing a reservoir to hold additional vape juice, they apply coils to fire and create inhalable vapor. Typically, Tanks are made of glass, metals like stainless steel and anodized aluminum for optimal, durable use.

The Chimney section refers to the tubular section in the middle of the tank. Normally made of metal, this is the piece that transports the air and vapor mixture from the coil through the mouthpiece into the vaper’s mouth and lungs.

The Post and Build Deck are what’s holding everything together. The Post and Build Deck are where the coils are housed, and airflow is controlled. Depending on the type of session you prefer, you can either make it bigger or smaller for your perfect choice.

How Does a RTA Work?

How Does a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Work?

The Rebuildable Tank Atomizer works relatively simple. The user needs to build a coil or more, depending on the design and structure of the build deck, then install it on the deck of the atomizer. After the coil is ready to go, it will have to be wicked, typically with cotton for an optimal performance. The tails of the cotton then need to be placed in the wicking holes of the building deck.

Next step is filling the tank with e-liquid, letting the wicks get saturated with the juice that enters the wicking channels. When inhaling the air will enter the tank through the airflow holes and are channeled to the inside of the build deck. The air will then hit the coils on the way towards the chimney, reaching the drip tip and eventually the lungs.

Overall, a relatively easy and simple process.

Types of RTA Tanks: Bottom Airflow, Top Airflow, Mouth to Lung and Direct Lung

Each type of Rebuildable Tank Atomizer can provide a unique and completely different experience from the other. From Bottom Airflow to Direct Lung hits, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers deliver great clouds and flavor. Coming a plethora of varieties, they are sure to carter to every individual vaper.

Let’s start with Bottom vs Top Airflow.

Bottom Airflow vs Top Airflow

Bottom Airflow vs Top Airflow

Typically, most Rebuildable Tank Atomizer implement a Bottom Airflow system. But due to potential leaking, most companies have opted to re-design their tanks to apply Top Airflow systems that channel the air to the side or bottom of the coils. While these designs are more leak resistant, they do sacrifice flavor that you would receive from a Bottom Airflow system.

Bottom Airflow Systems are for the cautious, watchful and advanced vaper. Because it they are known for potential leaks, it would be ideal to use with extreme care. As they are far above any flavor you’ve experienced before. With Bottom Airflow systems you can except potent, strong satisfying flavors, easy usability and decent vape clouds.

Top Airflow Systems are for any level of vaper as they are fairly easy to use. They have gradually increased in popularity as they apply simple designs and employ a leak-proof advantage. With solid build quality and awesome clouds, Top Airflow systems are no match in the flavor department. Still, they are economic is price, provide dense vape clouds and good flavor. Plus, you won’t have to worry about leaks with these bad boys.

Mouth to Lung

Mouth to Lung

Mouth to Lung Vaping or MTL is when you inhale the vapor into your mouth, letting it linger for a moment before it finally reaches your lungs. This results in the vaper getting harder pulls to the throat and great flavors. Atomizers that employ a small number of narrow airflow holes will produce great Mouth to Lung draws.

Direct to Lung

Direct to Lung

Direct to Lung or DTL vaping is when you get a straight draw from the atomizer to your lungs. This type of inhales result in the user getting larger vapor production with potent flavors lasting in the mouth. Atomizers that incorporate larger airflow slots or multiple holes allow for great production and are geared towards Direct Lung inhales.

Advantage of Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

Advantage of Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers come with a number of advantages compared to your average tank or atomizer.

Compared to Sub Ohm Tanks or the average Atomizer with pre-built coils, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers like the Avocado 24mm RTA by Geek Vape, give an unbeatable performance when built right. Because it incorporates a buildable aspect it provides a tailormade experience, as you literally can build the coils to your liking. It is also a great economic choice as you don’t have to worry about repeatedly purchasing coils. Wrapping coils offer a huge cut, perfect for your savings. An entire roll of wire can make several coils at approximately the same cost of one or two coil heads. Opposed to Sub Ohm Tanks that force you to reply on the coil heads provided with purchase. Rebuildable Tank Atomizer users don’t have to worry about this aspect.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers also edge out Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers too. Typically, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers such as the Gemini RTA by Vaporesso offer more capacity of your e-liquids and they eliminate the need to constantly drip their juice as these advanced accessories include a tank. Resulting in you enjoying continuous sessions without needing to be dripped or repeatedly being filled.

Overall, if you are looking for an easy to use, customizable atomizer that offers dense vape clouds and matching high quality flavor, you can’t go wrong with a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

Buying an RTA Tank

Before purchasing anything in general it is important to have some knowledge, and do you research before actually purchasing. Because of this we are including a few tips you should consider before adding items to your shopping cart.

It is always a good idea to start with reviews. As a part of research, you are going to want to know how any product performs from the company but also from the consumer. There you’ll get the most honest opinions and a good idea of the experience you’ll receive. You might even realize the atomizer you initially wanted really isn’t the one you need.

When building onto a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer is it important to make sure the coils span across the air slots especially on a Bottom Airflow System Atomizer. You’ll want a coil longer in length as if it’s too short, it allows the wicks to drip e-liquid into the air hole which can lead to flooding and gurgling.

To prevent flooding be sure not overfilled the e-liquid to flow past the wicks onto the deck. Also, wick tails must block the juice from feeding into slots or holes. However, if the Rebuildable Tank Atomizer start to hit dry, then the user has too much wick blocking or hindering the juice flow. Finding the perfect balance is key.

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