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Saki Bomb E-Liquid

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Saki Bomb E-Juice

Saki Bomb Premium E-Juice brings cute, quirky style together with fresh flavors that throw back to a better time. Perfect for the nostalgia nut that wistfully remembers summer days filled with ice cream trucks and candy stores, and long hot nights finished off with a glass of milk. With flavors that are out of this world in a way that only trying them can truly capture, Saki Bomb finds the sweet spot between young and young at heart. Saki Bomb finds its soul in Sakibomb Hackysacky, an extremely skilled glass artist that makes fantastic works in pastel and bright colors, inspired by classic and contemporary Japanese culture with a West Coast American spin. All Saki Bomb Premium juices are packaged in 30 ml glass bottles with an eye dropper for simple and mess free refilling whenever you need a little vintage pick me up. Available in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg nicotine strengths, allowing you to customize your experience completely. Producing thick vapor clouds and combining that with a consistently interesting and fresh taste, Saki Bomb is a fantastic choice for novice and experienced vapers alike. 

Were you ever found racing against the clock to empty your piggy bank for just a couple of dollars, then racing outside for just a chance at one of those huge firecracker popsicles? Red, white and blue and glistening with delicious flavor, who could say no? Saki Bomb completely captures that summertime feeling with Sakipop. Packaged in a round glass bottle with an adorable bow accent and featuring a brightly colored label featuring the unmistakeable popsicles taking off with cartoon puffs of smoke trailing their sticks. Saki Pop by Saki Bomb E-Liquid is a perfect combination of luscious red cherries, ripe and brilliant with a sweet berry taste that lingers on your lips. On the heels of this deep cherry is the clean kiss of plump lime, bright citrus kicking the flavor up a notch into refreshing against the succulent berry sweetness. Taking the flavour back to into the berry patch is a rich blue raspberry, realistically tart and fruity and oh so delicious. All of these flavors come together to make the perfect popsicle deliciousness, great for anyone with an all day sweet tooth. 

Deathstar Kiwi E-Liquid

Next up is Deathstar Kiwi, and with a name like this the taste does not disappoint. Anyone with a love of popping candy, the effervescent taste and addictive crackling sensation is more than enough of a reason to crave that fresh tangy taste. Any candy enthusiast will be a huge fan of this all day vape that does not fail to deliver consistent sweetness, balanced by pure fruit flavor. Quirky packaging that starts with an adorable purple bow and leads down to the obviously space themed label. Deathstar Kiwi is a blast of mouthwatering green goodness, tangy and tropical with a sweet citrus punch. Going hand in hand with the sweet kiwi kick is fresh, plump strawberry, accenting it perfectly and really hitting a homerun with the popping candy flavor.

Rounding out these two fruity flavors is Kung Pao Kitten's Milk by Saki Bomb E-Liquid, for those that prefer a more cinnamon and cream based dessert flavors. Those that are a fan of horchata will not be disappointed with this rich and creamy traditional rice milk flavour with cinnamon and vanilla accents. Finishing off with a decadent nutty exhale and a sweet sugar lips flavor that you will find yourself tasting long after you have finished your session. KungPao Kitten's Milk is a truly unique taste and should not be missed by anyone that favors sweet and milky vapes, or anyone with a hunger for cinnamon based treats that do not border on too spicy.