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If you're looking for a different kind of vaping liquid with a few enticing flavors, then consider Saki Pop by Saki Bomb E-Liquid. When you open the bottle, you're greeted with notes of various fruits. Cherry and lime stand out, but you can also detect hints of blue raspberry. All of the flavor notes come together to give you an impression of a bowl of hard candy.


Product Description

The liquid comes in either a 30ml or 60ml bottle and features a colorful design of a Popsicle on the front that looks like a rocket. One of the ways to imagine the taste of the liquid is to think about eating the refreshing ice cream treat on a hot summer day. 

As you begin to heat the liquid in the tank, you will notice that there are hints of cherry that immediately come off. After the cherry notes, you will notice hints of blue raspberry. The lime is not as noticeable, but it is present in a way that is subtle. It gently combines with the other flavors instead of being an overpowering sour taste that you might find with other liquids. The blue raspberry is one that stands out more than the others, similar to what you would find with the ice cream. 

This is one of the better liquids that has been put on the market by the company as it does offer a refreshing taste. It doesn't coat the tongue as some liquids that have a creamy component might do, and it doesn't have an overwhelming sweetness that makes the liquid one that can't be enjoyed. It's a tasty flavor that you can turn into an everyday vape. When it's heated at a lower temperature, the notes are brought out more than they are when the liquid is heated to a higher temperature. Many users have compared the flavor to other Popsicles as well, such as those that are all cherry or all blueberry. This is a liquid that can take your mind off of the stresses of everyday life. 

Saki Pop by Saki Bomb E-Liquid is a product that doesn't give you the sweet rush, which is soothing so that you can vape throughout the day instead of only vaping a few times and getting tired of the intense flavors that other fruity liquids seem to offer. The liquid offers a taste that gives you a feeling of the cold treat melting down the fingers as it's consumed.

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