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Salt Juice

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Salt Juice

When e-liquids were introduced as the premier vaporization liquid, they were at the cutting edge of what types of products could be vaped. As an organic industry that is ever changing and evolving, traditional freebase e-liquids underwent a metamorphosis and salt juice formulas were introduced to the market. While the appearance and consistency may appear identical to their e-liquid counterparts, salt juices are in fact drastically different within their chemistry as well as in the means of vaping them.

What are Salt Juices

Salt juices are also frequently referred to as nicotine salts. These types of formulas generally carry a much higher nicotine concentration than standard e-liquids. However, that is not the determining factor. What sets nicotine salts apparent from their sister-liquid is the chemistry used to formulate them. The inclusion of an acidic solution (benzoic, lactic, citric, etc.) allows for a reduced pH level. It also ferries in the ability for nicotine to exist in the liquid in its naturally occurring state, similar to how it appears in traditional tobacco products.

The end result within each salt juice is that of a velvety vapor that has almost no burning sensation within an inhalation. This also means that the devices that work most ideally with nicotine salts have a few traits in common: they're non-sub ohm, low-wattage, and can yield low temperatures (as that is all that is required to vape salt liquids). Units fashioned in this was are very typical among pod-style devices.

What are the benefits to choosing a salt juice?

Chief among the reasons why people choose nicotine salts is the accelerated manner in which each person reaches their desired nicotine intake. Because many of the formulas boast as high a nicotine concentration as 50mg, sessions need only be a few inhalations. Many note that because of the higher density coupled with the way the body absorbs nicotine when it is in this form, they feel a rush of the nicotine's effects more quickly. This also gives each liquid a longevity within a collection so that the need for a refill is infrequent.

For many, salt juices also provide an optimum vaping experience. These types of products are smooth, lack any uncomfortable "burning" within the lungs once inhaled, and they provide a degree of discretion with the overall package. Because larger units aren't needed in order to vaporize salt juices, the entire device (tank included) are typically perfectly pocket sized. They are travel friendly, discreet, and easy to use, qualities that are extremely desirable among vapers.

Lastly, many vapers note a cleaner flavor un-plagued by tacky formulas. At a base level within each salt juice, the nicotine is in its most natural form and as such provides pure essences. This allows each flavor to be robust, completely realized, and simply enjoyed.

At, we have a wide expanse of flavors, manufacturers, concentrations, and package sizes available within the realm of salt juices. From Salty Man E-Liquid to Solace Salts E-Liquid, each brand offers unique nuances and quirks that are sure to meet whatever you're looking for in a nicotine salt e-liquid. If you have any questions or need clarification about something on the website, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care team.