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Samsung Batteries

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Pick up Samsung Batteries

Samsung is one of the oldest manufacturers of quality electronics, regularly receiving stellar reviews from Consumer Reports and other publications. is proud to offer Samsung Batteries for your vaporizer. Just as you have come to recognize Samsung as an industry leader in the production of cell phones and computers, you'll now be able to regard them as a brand that makes vaporizer batteries which are trustworthy and economically priced. Each of these batteries upholds the Samsung reputation for excellence.

Founded in 1938, Samsung has been building innovative electronics for almost 80 years. A brand doesn't stay around that long unless they build an impeccable reputation. The first electronics product produced by Samsung was a black-and-white television set. Since the beginning, Samsung has been at the forefront when new technologies emerge. They take a progressive approach and work to fill electronics needs wherever they occur. As vaping began to increase in popularity, the company turned its attention to producing a battery that meets Samsung's rigorous standards. 

The result was the Samsung IMR 18650 Battery. It is worth noting that IMR batteries are widely regarded as the most safe for use in vaporizers. The chemistry used in an IMR battery is safer than what is found in an ICR. Because of this, IMRs do not require built-in protective circuits. Originally, an IMR battery was the recommended power source for regulated mods in order to achieve a variability of wattage. Today, IMRs are even regarded as a safer option for mods that feature a single voltage.

This sounds technical, so let us distill it into something you might find easier to understand. Using the proper battery in your mod is critical. Purchasing a generic battery from a brand you've never heard of before can be unwise. Poorly made batteries can also damage your vaporizer and may even pose a risk of fire. Unlike a generic ICR battery, the Samsung IMR 18650 Battery will not suffer from the failure of protective circuitry. When your purchase your Samsung Batteries from, you can take comfort in knowing that you aren't getting an imitation of the real thing. You will receive a genuine Samsung product.

Choose Samsung Batteries for Vaping

When considering replacement batteries for your vaporizer, a good mantra to remember is "choose and use wisely." If you select Samsung, you've already won the first half of the battle. In the vaporizer marketplace you will encounter a lot of outrageous claims, especially where batteries are concerned. The difference with Samsung is that the company has a very strong track record for backing up their own product claims with a level of quality that is not often surpassed. They are one of the few brands that merit trust on the strength of their name alone. 

Modern Batteries for Modern Mods

The modern vaporizer or "mod" is arguably the most popular type of vaporizer sold today. If you haven't made the switch to a mod yet, chances are that you will soon. When you do, remember that a battery forms the most essential part of your vaporizer. Select the right one and you will benefit from not having to recharge as often. Select the wrong one and your vaping experience dissolves into one of frustration. That wouldn't be a very good introduction to the pleasures of a mod. At we've taken the guesswork out of the process by offering the Samsung IMR 18650 Battery. 

While you are here at ordering your Samsung Batteries, don't hesitate to check out our entire inventory of premium mods, tanks, replacement parts, and batteries. We also have all the popular e-liquids from a variety of brands. is an all-in-one solution for vapers.